Galileosky Configurator: 4.18.6 February features

06 March 2019

Now is available the new "Configurator” version 4.18.6, including polygonal geofences, new CAN Scanner features, and others. Read more!

New features and improvements for Galileosky GPS trackers are now available in the new "Configurator” version 4.18.6, including polygonal geofences, new CAN Scanner features, and others. 

The new firmware 20.6 for the Galileosky 7 and Base Block devices and 231.30 stable firmware for Galileosky v 5.0, v 5.1, v 4.0, v 2.5, were added last month.

Galileosky 7 and Galileosky Base Block new features

There is now an opportunity to create polygonal geo-zones, which provide a more concise area to work with for different transport monitoring purposes. You can use any interactive map, that supports KML-files uploading and installs it on a microSD card. To receive more information on how to use a new feature, watch the step-by-step guidance on Galileosky YouTube channel.

One of the other significant changes is that of CAN tabs in “Configurator”, which are now combined into one. It means it is much easier to work with protocol tags and the messages on one tab without switching between the tabs. In addition to that, you can delete received messages and select random bits in necessary ones. Get a closer look to other new tools and filters of the CAN interface.

Among new features is the opportunity to disable the automatic GSM location (LBS) in case of lost connection between the tracker unit and the satellite.

As for Galileosky Base Block and Galileosky 7 devices, in the new firmware are improved:

  • SD card writing speed;
  • Filters running after downloading via GPRS;
  • Galileosky protocol with compression packets composition;
  • Archive, collected from other trackers via Wi-Fi, dispatching;
  • The CAN data processing in the Easy Logic scripting language;
  • Numbers pasting from the clipboard in the Easy Logic editor on Windows 10;
  • Font colors in the list of trackers available for remote control.

For Galileosky v 5.0, v 5.1, v 4.0, v 2.5 developers improved sending commands to Easy Logic and optimized algorithms loading time via USB.

You can update your "Configurator" to the latest version of 4.18.6, download here. Follow Configurator updates to install them and use the opportunities of devices to the maximum. 

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