Galileosky and SGBras, a major Brazilian equipment manufacturer, became partners

12 January 2022

Vendor Galileosky has signed a partnership agreement with SGBras, a manufacturer of peripheral equipment for monitoring vehicles and stationary objects. As part of the cooperation, the vendors will jointly promote the products to create the IoT solutions in Latin America.

The vendor SGBras is one of the most famous peripheral manufacturers in Brazil. The company manufactures equipment that interacts with the GPS tracking devices, provides information exchange between monitoring objects and expands telemetry capabilities for customers.

Galileosky is a vendor, one of the leading developers of the equipment for digitalization of transport and production processes in the world. The company has been operating since 2008 and supplies products to 70 countries worldwide. 
Samuel Oliveira, partner-owner, SGBras:
Samuel Oliveira, partner-owner, SGBras:

«Our company has been looking for tracking devices that could be used with our equipment. We have chosen the Galileosky products because of their reliability and flexible programming capabilities».

Ignacio Viveros, regional development manager, Galileosky:
Ignacio Viveros, regional development manager, Galileosky:

«Cooperation with SGBras will expand the presence of Galileosky in Latin America. Working with a technologically strong and professional partner is the most important part of Galileosky foreign markets development strategy. I expect that soon the number of users of our products in this region will increase significantly».

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