Galileosky and RedGPS, the developer of the world's most popular vehicle monitoring platform, became technological partners

11 January 2022

Galileosky has signed a partnership agreement with RedGPS, the developer of the popular software platform for fleet management. Solutions based on the RedGPS platform are actively used by companies in Latin America. The technological partnership of the vendors will enable the users of Galileosky tracking devices all over the world to create integrated solutions based on the Galileosky equipment and software capabilities of the RedGPS platform. In addition, the cooperation with a strong technological partner will create conditions for the expansion of Galileosky's presence in Latin America. 

Ignacio Viveros, regional development manager, Galileosky:
Ignacio Viveros, regional development manager, Galileosky:

"The synergy between Galileosky and RedGPS products will increase the number of fleet management systems implemented in Latin American countries. The RedGPS software enables real-time monitoring of the vehicle's position and condition, as well as the drivers' work. The Galileosky tracking device is a reliable and flexible foundation for building such systems. We expect that our customers will be able to implement software complexes faster and easier".

Galileosky is a vendor, one of the leading developers of the equipment for digitalization of transport and production processes in the world. The company has been operating since 2008 and supplies products to 70 countries worldwide. 

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