Galileosky and KS2 Engineering will develop solutions for NGV equipment

08 July 2022

In mid-June, Galileosky experts visited Kyrgyzstan with a business mission. The event consisted of a series of B2B meetings between equipment manufacturers and local purchasers, as well as a thematic program with the government representatives, entrepreneurs and industry experts. Summarizing the results of the visit, the vendor made an agreement with KC2 Engineering on the integration of the ultrasonic liquefied gas level sensors with Galileosky tracking devices.

The KS2 Engineering specialists are already testing the possibility to connect devices both via the RS485 interface and via Bluetooth, all sensor status data is displayed correctly in the "Configurator" software.

Canada-based KS2 Engineering company is the part of the KS2 Corp company group, established in 2007 in Montreal, Canada. The team is engaged in contract development and production of electronics and software for the Canadian, U.S., and other markets. The KS2 PROP sensors are used to detect the level of liquefied propane-butane gas in LPG equipment. They provide a high accuracy of measurement both when standing and in motion. The measurement inaccuracy on the move is 3-5%.

Galileosky is one of the world's leading equipment developers for transportation and manufacturing processes digitalization. The company has been in business since 2008 and supplies products to 70 countries worldwide. In 2018, Galileosky opened its headquarters in Hong Kong by the name of Tai Lu Tek. It is an independent business unit with well-established business processes which are procurement of components, Galileosky technology development, production and logistics.

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