Ctrl + Z function in Easy Logic in the new firmware

08 July 2021

Galileosky development team has released 4.24.02 Configurator version of. Now, when creating an algorithm in Easy Logic, any action can be undone and redone.

For example, an erroneously deleted block with a set of parameters, a variable or a logical connection can be restored using the undo button in the Configurator interface or using the Ctrl + Z key combination.

The new Configurator version allows to send data from DS1820 temperature sensors with an accuracy of tenths of values. We have also improved the firmware systems description so the language of the interface will be English by default.

Update the "Configurator" and try its new functionality. The new functions will become available after updating the firmware on the Device tab and installing a new Configurator.

Along with the Configurator update, firmware 23.21 and beta version 25.5 were released for Galileosky 7.0 and Base Block trackers. For Galileosky 7x line units, beta versions of firmware 31.6, 32.3 34.2, release candidate 30.6 and stable firmware 28.6 have been published.

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