Break free from wires: connect via Bluetooth for tracker management

09 August 2023

Now users have more possibilities.

We have uploaded a video tutorial where we discuss the new BLE functionality in Galileosky 7x trackers. Please note that this update is available for firmware versions 45.1 and above.

What can you do through Bluetooth?

  • connect to the tracker
  • change settings and execute commands
  • load algorithms
  • update firmware
  • configure modbus sensors
  • control external devices using scripts via enhanced API

Perhaps the only limit will be working with the CAN bus. If you plan to search for CAN bus data and analyze it with custom filters, it's better to connect to the tracker via USB, as Bluetooth speeds are insufficient for obtaining all CAN data.

The updated functionality significantly simplifies equipment operation. Through script language, you can not only read data but also connect to other devices and record information. This enables wireless control of external devices, greatly expanding your capabilities.

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