Configurator updates. New features by Galileosky developers

17 February 2021

Now you can search CAN-bus speed automatically, do mathematical calculations in tags as you go, assess driver behavior by GPS and much more. Firmware 24.14 for 7x line units, new Configurator version 4.20.14 and firmware 23.13 for other devices.

Use automatic CAN-bus speed detection in FMS and J1979 modes

Previously, to connect to CAN, you had to search bus speed by enumerative technique. With the new 24.14 firmware for Galileosky 7x, you can make the device search bus speed for you. For this set the filter type FMS or J-1979 and the unit determine the required parameter itself. It speeds the work up.

Assess driving style by coordinates or accelerometer

Earlier, new 7x units line could determine driving style by accelerometer only. This caused difficulties during the installation – it was necessary to mount the device at the monitoring object correctly and run it in for a long time to calibrate properly. Now, with GPS data, there is no need to calibrate Galileosky 7x devices, you can get down to work after the installation immediately.

Click the Track tab and set GPS data source to determine acceleration, braking and angular speed. Such way of driving style control is just as accurate as with an accelerometer because data from satellites receive every second.

Assessing driving style in vehicles subjected to shaking is more efficient by coordinates, because due to bumpy road terrain or equipment features, the error in driving style readings on the accelerometer will be higher.

Download archive from SD card directly

If the equipment constantly works out of range, the data recorded by the unit, can be downloaded from two places simultaneously: from the internal storage and from the SD card. This is a useful update insofar as now there is not any necessary to dismantle or reconnect the storage. The new function is available on all unit ranges.

On-the-fly math

When you select certain bytes in the CAN Scanner and write them to the tag, you no longer need to send them to the server to count them. With the new firmware, calculation actions can be performed immediately during writing to a tag. Due to this, the required coefficient can be checked online. Thus, real values will be written to the tag: engine speed, liters, mileage, temperature and much more.

New "Protocol" tab interface

Scrolling through dozens of lines with tags is no longer necessary. Tags such as "Navigation data", CAN tags, iButton, "I / O" and others have been grouped by subject and collapsed into a drop-down list. This means that finding and highlighting the right ones will take less time.

The firmware for the Galileosky 7x line of unit also contains:

  • Time synchronization setting via GSM
  • PressurePro tag Improvements.
  • Stopping of the EasyLogic algorithm after the "Enable navigation module" block is fixed.
  • Sending data over TCP socket in EasyLogic is improved.
  • The setting of DNS servers for units with 3G support has been normalized.
  • Technoton Bluetooth sensors operating is corrected.
  • WebDAV functioning for units with 3G and LTE support is fixed.
  • Device reboot has been corrected.
  • Voice communication on devices with Ublox modems is improved.
  • Functioning of deeply discharged batteries is stabilized.
  • Unloading data from SD card for the specified period on command is corrected.
  • CAN bus scan mode is improved.

The firmware for Galileosky 7, Base Block and OBD-II lines contains such improvements as:

  • Corrected unloading data from SD card for the specified period on command.
  • Improved use of the PressurePro tag.
  • Improved reliable definition of connection to the hub.
  • Stable simultaneous reading and recording of the Collector archive.
  • Fixed stopping of the EasyLogic algorithm after the "Enable navigation module" block.
  • Adjusted loading algorithms via WiFi.
  • Increased speed of unloading dynamic archive to the hub.
  • The new functionality will become available after updating the firmware on the Device tab and installing a new version of  the Configurator.

The new functionality will become available after updating the firmware on the Device tab and installing a new version of the Configurator.

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