Communication between trackers is new reality

06 December 2023

You can customize the data exchange and trigger responses with a new technology – Message transport system.

  • Do you need a tracker to react to the events that another tracker detects?
  • Are your trackers installed on machines that are running a common process, but working at a distance from each other?
  • Do you want to set up data exchange between trackers remotely and wirelessly?

We have developed a technology called "Message Transport System" for this purpose. It sets up communication between trackers via a special service on our remote configuration server.

How does it work?

The initiating tracker reports an event to the event server, and the receiving tracker reacts and starts a chain of algorithms.

What will this do?

For example, you might be able to automatically start loading grain from a combine when a truck driver pulls up to the combine and presses the "Ready to Start Loading" button.

Or one tracker can control a compressor and another tracker can check the pressure at the pipe outlet at a distance of 2 km. This way, you can both control the pump to keep the pressure stable and shut down the pump in case of a burst.

Want to learn more?

Watch this video tutorial where we explain how the Message transport system works, how to configure two trackers with a simple solution and where to read more about the new technology.


Technical features: the technology works on Galileosky 7x (firmware 45.0 and higher) and Galileosky 10 (firmware 1.1 and higher) trackers using Easy Logic algorithms. Configurator version 5.2.01 and higher is required.

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