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27 September 2022

One of the growing transportation trends, according to the experts, is the carsharing services.

According to the Public Opinion Research Center surveys, 67% of families have a car, and 17% even have several cars. However, owning a vehicle is becoming more and more expensive: vehicle tax, the cost of gas, parking space, maintenance, insurance, fines, as well as many hours of traffic jams. Under such conditions, carsharing has become a great option for many car enthusiasts to get around the city.

There is one more trend associated with this, the equipping of fleets with commercial telematics services. Existing «smart» systems can collect various data from different devices and a complete information image, including the condition of the car and the driver's behavior.

This summer, Galileosky made an agreement with the Rightech IoT Cloud (RIC) platform. The platform users will be able to create transport and passenger transportation monitoring solutions based on the Galileosky devices.

Since 2018, the developers have been solving customers' tasks related to monitoring, management and automation of objects with the telematics equipment. The devices installed by the partners allowed Rightech specialists to implement, improve and simplify business processes of the customers. Solutions created on the Rightech platform include mobile applications and branding for the project, start-up support and assistance in the work process of the project.

This is how the turnkey solutions were created for the customer, that can run their operations using the platform's tools.

The platform is marketed as an Application Enablement Platform (AEP), which means it is an optimized middleware core that allows to create a set of solutions for the IoT clients. The platform connects to devices via protocols and to external services via APIs. The logic of interaction between the platform and the device is built on no-code technology.

The system itself allows access to the satellite monitoring server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and checks data on its connected fleet.

Maria, Rightech Project Manager
Maria, Rightech Project Manager

«Galileosky devices are developed to monitor the condition of vehicles and are used in various cases - from cargo transportation and cab services, to controlling driving behavior and carsharing. The business-relevant tools of the Rightech platform include algorithmic notifications, email, SMS, messengers - notifications of emergencies, exiting the monitored geofences, deviations from the planned route. Odometer checks mileage, fuel calculation. The operator has access to data on the vehicle - tracks, time interval of stops, and the current state of the vehicle. In the visual logic editor, it is easy to configure business process scenarios and events to be monitored by the system. For example, control of unauthorized access to the equipment, management of vehicles according to the schedule depending on the current state of vehicles, setting tasks for maintenance engineers controlling their performance and reporting»

According to the results of rides the customer can unload reports in tables, where all vehicle movements, driver actions, time intervals between car stops are displayed. There is also a function of interval trip reports uploading to sort out all the information about drivers' work (travel time, average speed, remaining fuel, parking time). All this works based on the Galileosky devices.

However, the developers of Rightech did not limit themselves to just cars. Since the customers are following the trends and the growing popularity of healthy lifestyle has caused an increasing demand for the automation of scooter and e-bike parks.

A few years ago, a telematics complex for scooter sharing consisted of a box printed on a 3D printer and a simple IoT module that was connected to the scooter via a relay, allowing to lock and unlock the scooter, turn on a flashlight, control speed modes and read GPS data.

Maria, Rightech Project Manager
Maria, Rightech Project Manager

«As the development of sharing as a business model, manufacturers began to provide models of scooters where telemetry with an IoT module is mounted inside the deck, in the body, or in the handlebars to hide the technical component for users. In China, the manufacturers have integrated telematics with the scooter controller and are shipping a ready-made sharing solution, tested and validated at the factory. Via the Rightech platform, about 60 parameters of the scooters can be monitored remotely. These include blinking of light diodes, switching display content parameters, controlling limits and speed modes, cruise control, starting acceleration. The main directions in which we have launched about 40 projects are carsharing, scooter-sharing, pedal and electric bicycles. The clients of the services are the city residents and deliverymen»

Galileosky experts plan to integrate protocols between the IoT module and the controller of popular scooter models in the future. Meanwhile, Rightech is examining a new niche for sharing - the segway market, which is now gaining popularity in Europe. Note that the Rightech IoT Cloud platform has already created solutions for digitalization of agriculture, complex monitoring of enterprises, and automation of control over a worker's life metrics.

Galileosky is one of the world's leading equipment developers for transportation and manufacturing processes digitalization. The company has been in business since 2008 and supplies products to 70 countries worldwide. In 2018, Galileosky opened its headquarters in Hong Kong by the name of Tai Lu Tek. It is an independent business unit with well-established business processes which are procurement of components, Galileosky technology development, production and logistics. Galileosky is one of the Top 10 GPS Hardware Manufacturers 2022 according to Gurtam.

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