A perfect 10: Galileosky 10's features

10 October 2023

Today, on the 10th day of the 10th month, we're excited to unveil the fantastic 10 features of the Galileosky 10!

Here are the 10 key features of the new generation Galileosky 10 trackers:


  1. The automated decoding of up to 13,040 CAN bus parameters utilizing the J1939DA protocol is a noteworthy characteristic of the new trackers. This enables more accurate diagnostics, more detailed equipment information, and better operation control.
  2. The inbuilt eMMC memory in the new line of trackers has a capacity of 4 GB. This provides reliable memory for archiving, eliminating the need for an external SD card. Such a large capacity minimizes the risk of device malfunction when using external storage.
  3. Tests with a 30% increase in coordinate accuracy demonstrate that the tracking has grown sharper as a result of enhanced circuitryThis gives more precise vehicle location information.
  4. The memory capacity for Easy Logic algorithms has been increased by 50%, allowing for the implementation of more complex solutions.
  5. Inertial navigation maintains a steady course even when there are momentary satellite signal interruptions, such as those that may occur in tunnels or subterranean parking lots. *This is an extra option for adding a unique GNSS module to new trackers.
  6. The internal eMMC memory can also be increased (*as an extra option) to a maximum of 8 GB.
  7. Another expansion option is the installation of a built-in amplifier. This means that the volume of the tracker's voice assistant will be sufficient to announce stops in a large bus without the need for an external amplifier (* the additional option).
  8. The new trackers have become more compact: its dimensions are 99 x 66.5 x 25.5 mm.
  9. Mounting holes are located at the corners of the tracker for easy installation.
  10. A USB Type-C port is yet another new feature for simple communication. It is simpler to connect to the tracker in confined locations thanks to its reversible connector.


Soon we’ll present the power of Galileosky 10 for you. Follow our YouTube channel

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