5 ways to control sorted garbage collection

02 July 2021

Galileosky experts have proposed an effective solution that includes real-time monitoring of the garbage truck fleet, instant registration of garbage container collection and a complete history of each garbage truck's activities during the day, including trips to the loader for unloading, breaks and time spent on the trip and garbage collection.

1. Data transfer from each container

To set up this system, you will need to install GPS devices on each of the garbage trucks, as well as RFID tags on each garbage container with their own unique numbers, by which the operator will determine what type of garbage the driver loads into the tank.

RFID readers come in different types, including long-range ones, which can be installed on any type of garbage truck with side, rear, manual or automatic loading. The tag reading automatically logs important information such as date and time of actuation, a number of minutes, vehicle and container ID.

2. Photographic evidence of the quality of location cleaning

In addition, a camera is installed above the loading area of the garbage truck, which can be configured to trigger when reading each RFID tag, a button from the cabin or via the monitoring software. The picture before and after location cleaning confirms the quality of the performed works, and also records the condition of each container. All this information is transmitted to the operator in real time.

3. Control of each waste collection site

All sites can be divided into different geofences and have container IDs fixed for each. Thus, it is possible to control the time of garbage removal from a particular site as well as set the period from which garbage trucks should take out a certain type of waste.

Setting up polygonal geofences throughout the city or region is a troublesome task, but once you set them up, you will not have any difficulties making changes. If you require to add new geofences or change the existing ones, it is enough to update the algorithm, rather than create it again.

4. Route control

The operator is able to plan the optimal route for each garbage truck in advance, which will not only allow to be confident in the implementation of the plan but also reduce fuel costs. In order to control the movement only on the designated route, it is necessary to configure the sequence of geofences and program the operation of the device. The algorithm records the location of the garbage truck in a certain geofence, as well as the fact of reading the RFID tag, establishing the fact of cleaning.

5. Setting up violation notifications

If the driver violates the sequence of the route, does not visit the garbage site at a certain time or the container tag is not be read, the operator will receive an instant notification and will be able to respond quickly. In order to do this, the Easy Logic algorithm prescribes a reaction to violations: it can be a sound or light notification, SMS or message in the monitoring software. 

This system can be improved by driver identification, which will automatically record which driver drove the garbage truck and at certain times. As well as by installation of fuel level sensors to control refills and prevent drains.

In remote areas where mobile communication is limited, devices record all actions to the internal memory and send data to the server as soon as the connection is restored. This approach eliminates data loss and inconsistencies in reporting.

The solution will allow operators to optimize their fleet processes and most effectively manage them. It will also allow to control the export of different household waste in separate containers at varying times and to prevent illegal cases of garbage disposal when drivers depart from the established route. Drivers themselves will no longer need to make paper reports on the work performed; depot operators will be able to receive any information about the efficiency of vehicles on each route at the touch of a button.

Taking into account the growing demands of the market for garbage collection and disposal, Galileosky offers integrators a competitive solution that will allow the government waste disposal contractor to obtain immediate results that exceed their expectations.

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