10 Ways to Use Easy Logic in Transport Monitoring

15 March 2021

One of the fastest growing trends in the telematics market is going beyond the standard solutions. An exclusive solution, designed for the specific tasks of the end customer, allows you to maximize the benefits of implementation.

With the help of the unique Easy Logic technology, it is possible to realize any specific ideas not only in the field of transport monitoring, but also in remote control of stationary objects. It is quite easy to program the tracker unit operation – you just need to build a sequence of actions or conditions in the form of a flowchart on a separate tab in the "Configurator".

What functions can be realized with Easy Logic?

1. Engine autorun in the preset temperature conditions

The algorithm for autostarting the engine with temperature reduction, prescribed with Easy Logic, can be an excellent alternative to installing a security system with this function. The solution might be even more cost-effective if the fleet is already equipped with Galileosky GPS tracking devices.

How does it work? By monitoring the air temperature with the help of connected sensor, the tracker can automatically start the engine at a given temperature using any of the outputs. To ensure that the engine does not start every five minutes, the algorithm can provide a waiting mode of, say, 2 hours. The required temperature limit and the running time for the engine can be changed remotely by commands from monitoring software or SMS.

2. Fuel level control

There are many ways to control fuel consumption. Nevertheless, demand for the new methods is always high, as soon as the drivers are constantly seeking for the new tricks to drain the fuel off. To prevent such attempts, you can program the tracker operation using Easy Logic. Receiving the speed parameters of the vehicle as an input information, the GPS tracker starts to estimate the fuel level every minute, when the speed is zero. If the level has decreased by a certain amount, an SMS or other notification is sent to the fleet owner.

3. Locating vehicle position

Very often, drivers deliberately damage the antenna or cover it with metal objects to hide the fact of a violation of the working discipline or route. How to find out where the driver is and prevent unwanted actions on his part? In case of damaged GPS antenna, it seems next to impossible. However, using Easy Logic one can determine the approximate location. Configure the sending of the mobile zone code and the cellular tower ID in the user tags via SMS, when the tracker doesn’t receive the coordinates. As the result, the received area code will provide an approximate location.

4. Engine blocking

Via Easy Logic technology, you can easily configure blocking the engine of the vehicle automatically after the set events, which may be required for different purposes. For example, to reduce the idling time and get additional savings in fuel costs. The logic of the algorithm will be the following: as soon as the car stops, the set timer is started, after which the tracker unit turns the ignition off. In addition to this, you can program the tracker to reset the timer, when the brake pedal is depressed (data is taken from the CAN bus).

Among the implemented algorithms, there are other examples of automatic engine jamming. One of the Galileosky partners provided vehicle security for a carsharing service. Among the specified events in this case are: the loss of GSM signal or coordinates, attempts to disable or dismantle the GPS device, car battery disconnection, the hood opening, attempt to interfere with the car electronics, and exit from the permissible geo-zone. If at least one of the conditions occurs, the tracker blocks the start of the engine automatically and sends a message to the fleet owner.

5. Monitoring the parameters of special vehicles operation

To fulfil drivers discipline control you can display with the help of Easy Logic such monitoring parameters on the drivers panel as: engine hours, the load on the engine, the level of process liquids and other data that are sent to the monitoring server using a GPS tracking device. Compared to the reports, the ability to control the parameters of a tractor or a bulldozer while driving allows drivers to reduce the number of violations of labor discipline significantly. Moreover, the risk of fuel drains or theft is excluded.

6. Driver performance control

Furthermore, you can monitor the speed limits compliance by setting the value at which the beeper is activated until the speed corresponds to the set limit. The same way of beeper activation is appropriate for situations, when the driver is not fastened or forgot to turn on the headlights. To do this, the sensors of the belt and car headlights must be connected to the analog inputs of the tracker, then the device will receive data on the presence of voltage. For a partner who implemented this solution, the cost of it was 10 times lower than foreign manufacturers systems.

7. Remote control of equipment

It is easy and convenient to turn the equipment on and off remotely and monitor its operation via Easy Logic, whether it be pumps, generators, heating devices, drainage systems, etc. It is especially actual, when it comes to far reach areas. Algorithms allow you to configure failure alerts and prevent emergencies.

Automation of management is becoming more popular nowadays even in the most unexpected sectors. For example, for more precise volume accounting of a raw milk production, the implemented monitoring system using Easy Logic allows obtaining more accurate data on produced volumes, shipments, etc.

8. Eco Driving in real time

One of the features of Galileosky tracking units – Eco Drive, can help reduce fuel costs and car maintenance by correcting the driving style. The GPS device is able to determine sharp braking, sharp turns, accelerations, compliance with the speed limit, etc. However, the use of Eco Driving is the recording and analysis of driving style reports, while the combination of functionality with Easy Logic algorithms makes it possible to change undesirable driving habits and follow proposed driving technics in real time. To do this, you can configure playing voice notifications, beeper activation, or another event in response to violations.

9. Taking pictures on set events

Connecting photocamera to the GPS tracker is commonly used in passenger transport monitoring, cargo transportation and other spheres. Thanks to Easy Logic technology, you can take pictures on certain events, which means that you can significantly save traffic when sending data to the monitoring server. From a simple example of photographing a driver when the engine is turned on to taking a picture when the passenger is seated in a taxi or fixing via photo the loading of trash containers. You can photograph every vehicle entering the territory by installing a reader on the guard post, which will "see" the radio tags in the car; control the concrete delivery, performing a snapshot of the vehicle number plate during loading, etc.

10. Temperature control

Automatic control of temperature conditions in the room is not only comfortable, but also more cost-effective. In addition to the fact that Easy Logic can help you set the desired temperature values, you can program the tracking device to change parameters depending on the day of the week, time of the day or other specified conditions. After the application of Easy Logic in a similar project by one of Galileosky partners, the total operating time of the heaters was reduced by more than two times.

Temperature control is also relevant for cold chain management. It is easy to program the activation of refrigerators according to the set parameters by means of Easy Logic.

Of course, there are much more examples of using Easy Logic technology. Algorithms creation allows to expand the functionality of the monitoring system with almost no limits. Try to create your own algorithms to experience high-end project solutions.

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