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Resolving the main tasks  

Voice functionality and availability of digital interfaces in addition to basic functionality allow to use Galileosky v 2.5 for solving the main tasks in vehicle monitoring.

Opportunities to connect additional devices 


RFID readers

iButton keys DS1990, DS1982

Thermometers DS18S20 (DS1820, DS18B20) and/or

Temperature and humidity sensors DS1923


Support of CAN-bus protocol - J1939 (FMS, Scanner, User_29bit, User_11bit)

Support of CAN-bus protocol - J1979 (Scanner, User_29bit, User_11bit)


Digital fuel level sensors


Weight indicators AWT640, CI5010A, WinScale Dinamica Generale,

Tenzo-M ТV-003/05М, GRAINScale, MIDL MI VDA12Ya

CUB5B indicator

Trimble course indicator

GARMIN navigator

ThermoKing, Euroscan and Carrier DataCold refrigeration units

PCS Pressure Pro

Electrical meter REP-500

GalileoSky camera

Tachograph Atol Drive 5

PCS Pressure Pro Pulse


Tachograph Continental VDO (DTCO 3283, DTCO 1381)


Analog-frequency fuel level sensors

Pulse flowmeters

Passengers flow registration sensors

Analog emergency button


Galileosky v 2.5
Iridium satellite unitNo
GSM-modemGSM 900/1800 (850/1900)
Types of aerials (GLONASS/GPS, GSM)External
Data transmission channel GPRS/SMS
Cold start 25
Hot start1
Coordinates determination accuracy5 m
Support of 2GYes
Support of 3GNo
Support of Wi-FiNo
Internal memory capacity (Mb)2/16
Maximum number of points in the internal memory58000/450000
External memory capacity (Gb)32
Number of slots for SIM-cards1
Availability of an input for micro-SD cardYes
Opportunity to install a SIM-chipNo
Interface of connection with PC USB 2.0
Digital interfaces1-Wire, CAN, USB 2.0, 2 порта RS-232
ADC resolution10

Inputs & Outputs

Number of analog inputs4
Number of transistor outputs3
Number of RS232 digital inputs2
Number of RS485 digital inputs-
Availability of 1-Wire digital inputYes
Availability of Jack 3,5 input for speakerNo
Availability of Jack 3,5 input for loud speakerNo
Availability of Jack 2,5 input for loud speakerNo


Opportunity to change settings via SMSYes
Maximum number of cameras/RS2322
Maximum number of cameras/RS485-
Maximum number of FLS/RS485-
Maximum number of FLS/RS2322
Number of passengers flow registration sensors8
Internal batteryYes
Voice communicationYes
Opportunity to connect КMC-25 Push-to-talk or a compatible oneNo
Availability of accelerometerYes
Availability of gyroscopeNo


Intense connectorYes
Intrusion sensorNo
Body materialMetal, plastic
Ingress protection rating-
Weight300 g
Dimensions103*65*28 mm

Life time

Warranty period-
Service life10 years
Internal battery service life500 charge/discharge cycles, not more than 2 years
Operating temperature range-40 …+ 85 С

Power supply

Average consumed power0,696 W
Built-in batteryLi-Ion, 600 mA
Power supply voltage10-50 V
Voltage range of DAI0-33 V
Maximum measured frequency of DAI4 kHz
Maximum voltage supply for the terminal output30 V
Maximum current supply for the terminal output80 mA

User manual

User manual 19.08.2016 Download
Set of wires 2.5/4.0

Connector MF-24F (24 pin)
Contact MF-F
1 wire of 1,5 m (clamped from 2 sides)
2 wires of 1 m (clamped from 1 side)


Dimensions 50*39*15 mm
Magnetic base
Operating temperature -40...+85 С
Wire of 3 m
SMA connector

GSM aerial with SMA connector

Dimensions 115*22*4 mm
Sticky base 
Operating temperature -30...+60 С
Cable of 2.5 m
SMA connector

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