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A new autonomous terminal with 10 years of service life without battery changing

As a rule, terminals with battery supply are used for monitoring of vehicles. For staff, children and animals tracking - personal compact autonomous terminals with low battery capacity are used, they require frequent charge. In case there are monitoring conditions with no supply, or private monitoring should be carried out, sample solutions are not appropriate.   

A new terminal with autonomous power supply, Galileosky Boxfinder, was designed exactly for these challenging situations. 

Main features of Boxfinder

Galileosky Boxfinder is a monitoring terminal aimed at operating in extreme conditions. It has all necessary functions for data transmission, an anti-vandal body with built-in aerials, IP65, it operates in extreme temperature ranges from -40 to +85C. The terminal is equipped with a powerful autonomous battery, that provides 10 years of service life on condition of sending messages 2 times per day. 

Today, it is the only autonomous terminal that can operate in any situations, despite location and environmental conditions.

What tasks is Boxfinder suitable for?

1. For private monitoring of vehicles

An autonomous supply allows to carry out a hidden installation of the device without intervention in regular electronics of the car, that makes it more difficult to define the fact of object monitoring. Opportunity to block the engine remotely via SMS or GPRS connection will help to protect the vehicle from intruding.  

Availability of a built-in microphone and a SIM-card allows to make phone calls to the terminal and listen to the setting.    

Moisture-protective, dust-proof body allows to install the terminal to: 

  • To an engine and luggage section
  • Inside construction units
  • On any surface
  • Under compartment and seats lagging

2. For monitoring of packages, containers, railway vehicles 

Opportunity to operate in extreme temperature ranges and hermiticity of the body allow to use the terminal for monitoring of packages. To monitor conditions of shipment, you can connect temperature and humidity sensors and provide supply via 1-Wire. Together with an autonomous supply you will get unlimited opportunities of terminal's installation and a total control over transportation and condition of the package.  

3. For monitoring of animals 

Availability of fixing elements allows to fix the device on a neckstrap of the animal. Body opening sensor will immediately inform the owner about sabotage situation. This solution is more essential for cattle owners.  

Additional opportunities 

  • «Stells-mode» (scheduled connection), off-line monitoring (uploading of saved archive).
  • Signaling and engine blocking in case of theft.
  • An acoustic search of a vehicle.
  • Opportunity to connect digital temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Identification of a driver via iButton and RFID-readers.
  • Remote setting and troubleshooting via GPRS by Configurator without disconnecting from the server of data monitoring process. 
  • Sending monitoring data simultaneously to 2 servers.
  • Opportunity to set special data transmission parameters in international roaming, it leads to decreasing of expenses on GPRS-traffic.  
  • Setting via SMS, GPRS, USB. Remote software updating via GSM-connection.

What is needed for installation?

To activate the terminal you need: 

  • SIM-card of any service provider with a positive balance and opportunity to transmit data.
  • PC with installed "Configurator" program for terminal's setting. You can download a free program from the site of manufacturer; 
  • Software license; 
  • USB-cable for connection to the terminal.  

Terminal's body is easily implemented and "Configurator" interface is intuitively-understandable. That is why, running of the terminal doesn't require any special skills.  

By choosing Boxfinder, you get unlimited opportunities of monitoring objects around the world for 10 years. 


Opportunities to connect additional devices 


RFID readers

iButton keys DS1990, DS1982

Thermometers DS18S20 (DS1820, DS18B20) and/or temperature and humidity sensors DS1923


Pulse flowmeters

Analog emergency button



Galileosky Boxfinder v 1.0 with connectorGalileosky Boxfinder v 1.0
Iridium satellite unitNoNo
GSM-modemGSM 900/1800 (850/1900)GSM 900/1800 (850/1900)
Types of aerials (GLONASS/GPS, GSM)InternalInternal
Data transmission channel GPRS/SMSGPRS/SMS
Cold start 3535
Hot start11
Coordinates determination accuracy5 m5 m
Support of 2GYesYes
Support of 3GNoNo
Support of Wi-FiNoNo
Internal memory capacity (Mb)1616
Maximum number of points in the internal memory150 000150 000
External memory capacity (Gb)--
Number of slots for SIM-cards11
Availability of an input for micro-SD cardNoNo
Opportunity to install a SIM-chipNoNo
Interface of connection with PC USB 2.0USB 2.0
Digital interfaces1-Wire-
ADC resolution12 bits-

Inputs & Outputs

Number of analog inputs1-
Number of transistor outputs1-
Number of RS232 digital inputs--
Number of RS485 digital inputs--
Availability of 1-Wire digital inputYesNo
Availability of Jack 3,5 input for speakerNoNo
Availability of Jack 3,5 input for loud speakerNoNo
Availability of Jack 2,5 input for loud speakerNoNo


Opportunity to change settings via SMSYesYes
Maximum number of cameras/RS232--
Maximum number of cameras/RS485--
Maximum number of FLS/RS485--
Maximum number of FLS/RS232--
Number of passengers flow registration sensors--
Internal batteryYesYes
Voice communicationNoNo
Opportunity to connect КMC-25 Push-to-talk or a compatible oneNoNo
Availability of accelerometerYesYes
Availability of gyroscopeNoNo


Intense connectorNoNo
Intrusion sensorYesYes
Body materialPlasticPlastic
Ingress protection ratingIP65IP65
Weight350 g350 g
Dimensions125*102*42 mm125*102*42 mm

Life time

Warranty period--
Service life10 years10 years
Internal battery service lifeup to 10 years, on condition of sending one point 2 times per day up to 10 years, on condition of sending one point 2 times per day
Operating temperature range-40 …+ 85 С-40 …+ 85 С

Power supply

Average consumed power--
Built-in batteryYesYes
Power supply voltage--
Voltage range of DAI--
Maximum measured frequency of DAI4 kHz-
Maximum voltage supply for the terminal output220V/250V-
Maximum current supply for the terminal output--

User manual

Boxfinder User manual 11.08.2016 Download

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