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Base Block Lite is a compact and multifunctional GPS/GLONASS vehicle tracking device that is suitable for a wide range of tasks in the field of transport monitoring and fleet management. The device not only allows to track the vehicle’s location in real time but also to apply a wide range of features due to the option of connecting up to 16 additional sensors and connecting to the CAN-bus of the vehicle.

Simple solution for the most complex tasks in the field of vehicle tracking

Just like the entire product line of the Base Block generation, Lite version supports the unique Easy Logic self-programming technology. This technology allows extending the functionality of the device even without the assistance of professional developers. Thus, you can set up specific algorithms of the device operation when a certain event occurs. For example, to adjust the buzzer triggering in a case of over speed in the chosen geo-zone, the camera activation when the doors are opened or the remote engine start during the cold season.

Tracking the performance of the vehicle

Supporting the direct connection to the CAN bus the device allows you to detect up to 60 identifiers for retrieving the data remotely, including fuel level and engine speed. The built-in accelerometer helps to capture sudden accelerations, harsh braking, sharp turns, bumps and much more.

Discipline control

GPS / GLONASS tracking product Base Block Lite allows you to set up a system for the advanced monitoring and control over the drivers work mode. Unauthorized trips and fuel discharges would be excluded. It would be also easy to implement driver identification by configuring the RFID tags and iButton keys recognition, as Base Block Lite supports the 1-Wire protocol. In addition, you can monitor the compliance with the work and rest regime by connecting tachographs via the RS485 digital input.

Reliability and energy efficiency

Galileosky GPS / GLONASS satellite monitoring devices are distinguished by their reliability - Base Block Lite is no exception, the service life of the device is one of the most durable in the market and is no less than 10 years. This generation of devices keeps working even after lasting voltage supply of up to 200 V. This is especially useful when the devices are installed on the old or faulty equipment. Low power consumption allows you to prolong the battery life. Moreover, this version has an inbuilt rechargeable battery which allows you to maintain up to 8 hours of autonomous work when disconnecting the device from a constant power source, or during car parking.

Equipment set 

  • Connector with contacts (6 pcs.);
  • Set of wires (4 wires, 3 meters each);
  • Fuse and fuse holder;
  • GPS / GLONASS antenna, GSM antenna.

For successful work with the device, you will also need a USB cable, a SIM card, a power supply 9V-39V (15W), which are not included in the package.

Connection of additional devices


RFID readers

iButton keys  DS1990, DS1982

Thermometers DS18S20 (DS1820, DS18B20) and/or temperature and humidity sensors DS1923


Support of CAN-bus protocol - J1939 (FMS, Scanner, User_29bit, User_11bit)

Support of CAN-bus protocol - J1979 (Scanner, User_29bit, User_11bit)


Eurosens Delta


Tachograph SHTRIH-TahoRUS

Tachograph Mercury ТА-001


RFID reader Matrix 5

Digital fuel level sensor

Dosimeter DBG-S11D


Analog-frequency fuel level sensors

Pulse flowmeters

Passengers flow registration sensors

Analog emergency button


Galileosky Base Block Lite
Iridium satellite unitNo
GSM-modemGSM 850/900/1800/1900
Types of aerials (GLONASS/GPS, GSM)External
Data transmission channel GPRS/SMS
Cold start 25
Hot start1
Coordinates determination accuracy5 m
Support of 2GYes
Support of 3GNo
Support of Wi-FiNo
Internal memory capacity (Mb)2
Maximum number of points in the internal memory58000
External memory capacity (Gb)-
Number of slots for SIM-cards1
Availability of an input for micro-SD cardNo
Opportunity to install a SIM-chipYes
Interface of connection with PC USB 2.0
Digital interfacesCAN, RS485, USB, 1-Wire
ADC resolution16

Inputs & Outputs

Number of analog inputs4
Number of transistor outputs2
Number of RS232 digital inputs-
Number of RS485 digital inputs1
Availability of 1-Wire digital inputYes
Availability of Jack 3,5 input for speakerNo
Availability of Jack 3,5 input for loud speakerNo
Availability of Jack 2,5 input for loud speakerNo


Opportunity to change settings via SMSYes
Maximum number of cameras/RS232-
Maximum number of cameras/RS485-
Maximum number of FLS/RS48516
Maximum number of FLS/RS232-
Number of passengers flow registration sensors8
Internal batteryYes
Voice communicationNo
Opportunity to connect КMC-25 Push-to-talk or a compatible oneNo
Availability of accelerometerYes
Availability of gyroscopeNo


Intense connectorNo
Intrusion sensorNo
Body materialMetal, plastic
Ingress protection ratingIP54
Weight150 g

Life time

Warranty period-
Service life10 years
Internal battery service life500 charge/discharge cycles, not more than 3 years
Operating temperature range-40 …+ 85 С

Power supply

Average consumed power0,48 W
Built-in batteryLi-Ion, 600 mA
Power supply voltage9-39 V
Voltage range of DAI0-33 V
Maximum measured frequency of DAI4 kHz
Maximum voltage supply for the terminal output30 V
Maximum current supply for the terminal output80 mA

User manual

User manual 20.07.2016 Download
A set of wires Base Block

Connector 43025-2000 (20 pin)
Contact 43030-0001
4 wires of 3 meters 
Wires are clamped

GLONASS/GPS Fakra aerial

Dimensions 50*39*15 mm
Magnetic base
Operating temperature -40...+85 С
Wire of 3 m
FAKRA connector

GSM aerial with FAKRA connector

Dimensions 115*22*4 mm
Sticky base
Operating temperature -30...+60 С
Wire of 2.5 m
FAKRA connector

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