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Easy Logic Technology

Easy Logic is an exclusive technology for custom programming of Galileosky GPS/GLONASS tracking devices, which provides the opportunity to set the necessary reactions to any events and to get your unique functionality. Galileosky Easy Logic technology allows to simplify integration of vehicle monitoring systems.


of your own algorithms
of reactions to events



you don't have to
apply to a developer
to implement new functions


any tasks

in the area of
vehicle monitoring



Configurator Galileosky with Easy Logic

Technology of custom programming. How does it work? 

Thanks to Easy Logic, an integrator of vehicle monitoring systems can set a separate algorithm of actions for each tracking device, in case of a certain event. For example, making and sending a photo, when an alarm button is pressed, or saving data on fuel level, when a message is received. To program functionality, an installer should just run a free program “Configurator”, which is available on our website, and open tab “Programming” with both, basic commands and opportunity to add independent events and actions. Algorithm of events and actions has an intuitively understandable interface. 

Thus, developing of Galileosky GPS/GLONASS tracking devices functionality doesn’t require deep knowledge in programming field. Knowledge of basic commands will be enough. 

"KazInterSoft" company (Astana) was one of the first Galileosky partners, who tested a new development. Technical director of "KazInterSoft" Bahtiyar Berkenovich comments: “We made algorithms for sound notifications, when headlights are turned off, seatbelt is not fastened, over speeding in particular areas occurred. Testing lasted for 2 months. Algorithm operated exactly in the way we needed. We also integrated functionality of photo shooting when the engine was started and points recording when the bus stopped. Earlier, we had implemented such functionality with the help of scripts and contacted Galileosky technical support. It took 1 or 2 days to get solution to the problem, then we implemented and tested new functionality, so, it took much time. Now, we are using a new function in Configurator and we have no difficulties with adapting opportunities of the terminals to customers’ requirements. We can do it individually and very fast”. 

Thus, Easy Logic allows to: 

1. Create your own algorithm of reaction to this or that event in short term and quickly implement results in projects; 

2. Save money, as you don’t have to contact developers to implement new functionality; 

3. Implement almost all customers’ requirements. 


Petr Krasnoshchekov Head of IT department

The GPS/GLONASS tracking devices Galileosky are one of the most popular on the market, and we got a lot of requests for further development. Taking care of users, we created a technology, which helps to make custom configuring of functionality possible. If a partner needs some additional consultation, our specialists of technical support are ready to help.

Advantages of Easy Logic

Before Easy Logic technology, an integrator had had to use only basic functionality or contact a manufacturer with a request to develop a special device or firmware. As a rule, firmware can be changed either on a paid basis, or for largescale projects. Now, an integrator can independently add necessary events and actions without interfering into firmware or contacting a manufacturer.

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