What’s new in the Configurator? Version 4.25.07

16 June 2022

A new tab will be available in the new Configurator version. Developers have also added several new features to Easy Logic.

New functions

  • Self-troubleshooting tab to control for trigger criteria is added.
  • Information about self-troubleshooting on the Device tab is added.
  • Variables containing progress of a client's archive uploading to the hub are added to Easy Logic.
  • RAMErase, RAMRead and RAMWrite functions are added to Easy Logic.
  • A possibility to choose a satellite navigation system on the "Track" tab for devices Galileosky BaseBlock, 7.0 is added.


The developers also made a series of corrections and updated some of the tracking devices' firmware.

The new functionality is available after the firmware update: go to the "Device" tab to install the new version of the "Configurator".

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If you still have questions, please contact the technical support department.

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