New feature – File manager

14 November 2023

Explaining the new feature of Galileosky tracking devices – File manager.

If your device is equipped with SD card or EMMC memory after connecting the USB cable you can see the content on the device memory card. By default the data is available in a “read-only” mode, so you can read files or copy them from the device memory but not change them.

If you want to have a full access to device memory, you need to send a special command “MSD” with the parameter 1. Now you can get a direct access to the device SD card and change the files on it.

This new feature allows you to work with the data in the device memory much more comfortable. And this tool is indispensable for devices with EMMC memory like some 7x devices or all Galileoskai 10 devices.

The new feature of Galileosky 7x and Galileosky 10 devices is available for you starting with the Configurator 5.3.01.

For more details go to YouTube and watch the brief video.

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