Join the webinar “How Galileosky devices help with fuel control?”

08 October 2020

Take part in the webinar to find out how to increase business efficiency by fuel consumption monitoring & thefts prevention. What are the customers’ expectations about fuel monitoring and how they have grown? How businesses like yours are accelerating revenue and achieving a customer-first approach with different fuel monitoring scenarios?

We will discuss:

  • Different fuel monitoring scenarios that you can integrate with Galileosky devices.
  • What fuel sensors & meters you can integrate with Galileosky devices?
  • Fuel level sensors VS flow meter: what to choose?
  • How to find out the time and place of fuel thefts and alert the dispatcher about the violation?
  • How to set up different fuel limits for different drivers?
  • How to monitor fuel consumption outside the GSM coverage?

Date: Tuesday, October 13th

Time: 12:00 (GMT)

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