Galileosky partners' projects became winners in the international award «IoT Project of the Year» organized by Gurtam

10 October 2022

IoT project of the year is an annual telematics and IoT contest held in 2022 for the third time. Companies from any country and industry join the competition for the professional evaluation of their projects and global recognition. 

In 2022 Galileosky partner companies were awarded in the «Fuel transportation and storage», «Public Safety» nominations.

The Geoservice project «Fuel consumption monitoring and fleet management tracking system for a wood industry company» was awarded in the «Fuel transportation and storage» nomination. The project was created for the leading company in the timber industry, which pays special attention to the use of sustainable technologies to achieve deep processing of wood and the most waste-free use of raw materials. The main goal of the project was to optimize fuel costs. The client's vehicle fleet is located in remote areas without GSM coverage, so Geoservice implemented the project based on the Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub tracking devices, since these devices can store data until they are sent to a server. Using the Easy Logic technology, automatic switching between different networks was configured, depending on the location and level of connection. 

Montrans' project, «Driver safety monitoring system for a transportation company in the Arctic», won in the «Public Safety» nomination. This project was implemented based on the Galileosky Base Block Iridium tracking devices, which allow transmitting data via the Iridium satellite channel. It solves the problem of poor GSM signal coverage in remote areas. The data on the location of the vehicle and emergency button call commands are transmitted via satellite communication channels. This project prevents accidents and allows the company to receive information and take immediate action in case of any accidents during heavy cargo transportation in the Arctic.

Galileosky is one of the world's leading equipment developers for transportation and manufacturing processes digitalization. The company has been in business since 2008 and supplies products to 70 countries worldwide. In 2018, Galileosky opened its headquarters in Hong Kong by the name of Tai Lu Tek. It is an independent business unit with well-established business processes which are procurement of components, Galileosky technology development, production and logistics.

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