December updates. Configurator. What’s new?

15 December 2020

More control for peripherals via MODBUS and Bluetooth protocol. New integrations with RFID readers and Bluetooth sensors by Technoton and Mechatronics. Firmware 24.12 for 7x range units and a new Configurator version 4.20.12 for all devices.


Control via MODBUS and Bluetooth is available in real time

Now you can monitor the FLS status, flow meters, weight and tilt sensors condition locally, via MODBUS and Bluetooth access to tags from Easy Logic. Identify faults and notify the driver about malfunctions as quickly as possible, even outside GSM coverage. Now there is no need to send data to the server for the analysis, and then wait for the response, all analytics is carried out inside the unit. For instance: if FLS sensor fails outside GSM coverage, the driver will receive instant notification that the sensor needs to be checked or replaced. This will help to get rid of gaps in reports and prevent more serious delays or malfunctions.

Connect wireless sensors

Galileosky developers integrated devices from Technoton and Mechatronics with GPS trackers. Technoton DUT-E S7, DFM 100S7, DFM 250DS7, GNOM DDE S7, GNOM DP S7 sensors, as well as Eurosens Dominator BT FLS are FLS, flow meters, axle load sensors and position sensors (tilt angle). Our specialists expand the list of integrated devices constantly. In addition to the listed devices, Galileosky is integrated with Escort and ELA Innovations Bluetooth sensors.

Use up to thirty Bluetooth tags

As more and more wireless devices enter the world market, Galileosky developers add them to the integration list. In order not to feel shortages with the number of tags to record parameters via Bluetooth, we tripled the number of tags supported. For example, several FLSs, flow meters and other Bluetooth sensors are installed on the vehicle, and data from all of them is recorded and transmitted due to the increased number of tags.

Fast integration with HID readers and NFC systems

All Galileosky unit ranges can be quickly and easily integrated with HID Global and NFC card readers by ACS manufacturer using Easy Logic algorithms.

Readers from HID Global, allow to add two identification levels to one key. For example: in one smart key, keep data about access level as well as the identification number of a specific employee. The NFC reader also allows to write several levels into one tag and works at a longer distance - up to 10 cm.

Galileosky 7x range firmware has such additional improvements as:

  • Condition for switching to sleep mode is corrected
  • Configuration saving is fixed
  • Archive sending from internal memory is fixed
  • RS 485 interface operation is improved
  • Automatic switching to the internal coordinate source is fixed

Galileosky 7, Base Block and OBD-II ranges also contain:

  • Improved operating with non 512-byte sized sectors SD cards
  • Improvements with archive sending from internal memory
  • Fixed automatic switching to the internal coordinate source

Functionality and updates will become available after updating the firmware and installing a new version. Check the changelog so you don't miss an important update.

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