Video monitoring systems for logistics. How to get maximum profit?

Webinars 23 November 2021, 12:00 PM

About the webinar

Video monitoring has become one of the key elements of telematics. In 2022 it can become one of the top commercially successful technologies on the market. This technology widens the opportunities of the GPS-systems and allows to create the integrated systems for controlling the vehicle movement parameters, monitoring the driver behavior and cargo transportation. All this real-time data affects the efficiency of the companies’ business-processes and prevents the risks. During the webinar you will understand how to implement the video monitoring systems based on the Galileosky and Sky Electronics products. The most successful cases of the video monitoring system in retail companies will be presented. We will share our experience in the projects’ implementation. And we promise that we won’t finish the webinar until we’ve finished answering all your questions.


1. Video monitoring systems — one of the key elements of telematics.
2. How to design a video monitoring systems: ADAS-system and MDVR- system architecture.
3. Experience in implementing the video monitoring systems in retail companies.
4. Q&A session

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