How to maximize profit in cargo transportation. Tools from Wialon and Galileosky

Webinars 02 November 2021, 01:00 PM

About the webinar

What problems do cargo fleet owners face and how these challenges affect the transportation cost? How to be ahead of the curve and make all fleet business processes as clear as possible?

At the webinar, Hamed Kazemi, regional development manager at Galileosky, together with Vera Kozlova, Wialon Implementation Manager (APAC), will tell you how to optimize all cargo transportation stages: from fuel control to truck and goods’ safety.


  • How to keep all goods safe and fresh all way long?
  • Route control: how to get rid of trucks misuse and long idling?
  • Trucks’ service life: what tools help to keep an eye on the vehicles’ condition?
  • Traffic rules. What helps drivers to work safely and efficiently?
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