Galileosky trackers and CAN bus: connection, configuration and vehicle management

Webinars 04 August 2022, 04:00 PM UTC+3

Previously integrators could not see the changing parameters online, they had to use different additional equipment and spend hours searching for the data and correlating them. Galileosky has developed a powerful tool to decrypt data from the CAN bus, which significantly simplifies the process of searching and interpretation of the identifiers.

During the webinar “Galileosky trackers and CAN bus: connection, configuration and vehicle management” we will discuss the most popular requirements and give useful advice for those who only start working with CAN Scanner and want to know all the lifehacks.   

Join our webinar on August 4, 2022 at 4 PM (UTC +3).


  • How to start working with CAN Scanner?
  • How to connect to the CAN bus?
  • How to find any data in the CAN bus of any vehicle?
  • How to read data in the CAN bus?
  • Special features of work and functionality of Galileosky CAN Scanner.
  • How to proceed received raw data from the CAN bus?
  • How to manage the vehicle using CAN bus?

And other features of the CAN bus.




Dmitry Dvoeglazov, Technical Support Engineer, Galileosky

We will not finish the webinar until we have answered all your questions. Share the webinar registration link with your colleagues. Participation in the webinar is free. The webinar will be held in Engish.

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