Galileosky is releasing the new generation Configurator

Webinars 08 December 2022, 02:00 PM UTC+3

The Galileosky team has developed version 5.0 of Configurator, which will be available both in the desktop application and as a web version. We included lots of new features that make remote configuration much easier. In addition, there will be a storage for scripts for users to upload their files and manage folders. The access to device settings for technical support engineers will be given through a special invitation that provides an increased level of security.

Web version will be built into the desktop version, so the download link will not change. The size of the file storage will be 20MB.

Thanks to remote configuration features, users will be able to register devices, rename them, change passwords, update firmware, view various information about devices, as well as create and manage the device groups. Device tokens can be created to transfer configuration rights to other users.

Another novelty by the development team is the file storage that is not just for uploading and deleting files, but for creating folders with files, too. In addition, the Configurator software will now have a client account. This area will help you view and manage information about clients and users quickly, search for devices, as well as invite a technical support engineer to help you if you have any difficulties.

Join the webinar december 08, 02 PM (GMT+3)


  • How to switch to the updated Configurator
  • How to put trackers into groups with multi-level nesting (group tree)
  • Caching the trackers’ main settings in the remote configuration service 
  • Online process of loading the firmware to devices visible directly in the device list
  • How to create additional accounts for your employees within the same company
  • How to delegate access rights from the device owner to other users using tokens
  • File storage for storing files of algorithms, filters, configurations and documents that all employees of the company can access
  • Sending commands to a group of devices and viewing the results of their execution


Pablo Badillo, Galileosky technical support exper

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