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Cost saving

Eco Drive function allows to determine and improve the driving style, in order to decrease expenses on fuel and equipment inspection. 
Connection of up to 16 fuel level sensors allows to control fuel consumption and observe fuel discharge.
Detailed track drawing without extra points on a straight road provides accurate data transmission and allows to decrease expenses on data transmission traffic.

Drivers' discipline increase

Identification of drivers with the help of iButton and RFID-readers allows to control schedule of work and rest, identify attachable equipment and detect detachment of a trailer. In case of camera connection with constant shooting on event setting, you will always be aware of what is going on on site.

Due to constant real-time connection with the server you can see the location of equipment on the map and fix any deviation from the route.
Opportunity to connect an alarm button provides a quick response to any accidents.


Security functions

You can configure reactions of the terminal to state of inputs and speed of coordinates change, set detection of strike and incline. By receiving alarm messages to a mobile phone, you can react to violations and emergency situations in time. 


Ease of operation

Opportunity to upload a recorded archive via USB helps to analyze movement of equipment in the end of a working shift, it is reasonable for areas with poor cellular coverage.
A broad range of integrated software and additional devices, remote setting via SMS, GPRS, USB allow to assess all advantages of operation with professional vehicle tracking equipment.
Thanks to CAN-interface you can get data on engine operating time, mileage, fuel consumption from the moment of car production, engine speed, vehicle speed and other parameters thanks to which you can optimize performance of equipment.

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