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GPS monitoring for agroindustry

Automate the entire cycle
of agricultural production

Exclusive capabilities of Galileosky GPS trackers allow automating all production stages from seed to shipment. Remotely control the equipment, reduce any losses, control area, time and accuracy of fields processing, exclude crop losses during transportation. Achieve maximum automation.


Reduction of losses during crop transportation


Improving the efficiency of agricultural production


Reduction of fleet maintenance costs

Don't miss a single seed

  • Receive data about fields and crops online, eliminate gaps and double processing
  • Transfer data via Wi-Fi where there is no GSM coverage
  • Provide access to the crop shipment after the identification of the employee
  • Set up notifications for the dispatcher about violations of machinery and equipment
  • Prevent overload, determine the amount of harvest automatically
  • Reduce the number of noneffective runs

Find the right solution
to your requirements

Peripheral devices you require:
Easy Logic allows
to integrate everything

Galileosky 7.0 Wi-Fi

Compact GPS device in a plastic housing with built-in antennas and Wi-Fi data transmission

Base Block Optimum

Compact GPS device in a metal housing with overvoltage protection

Base Block Wi-Fi Hub

GPS tracking device with Wi-Fi access point for data collection and transmission in areas with weak GSM signal or no coverage at all

Reliable GPS tracking unit
with flexible settings
as the core of system
Any suitable software for you
– your own or third-party

Make the device operate on your own scenario

Let the Easy Logic technology bring your solution to the next level program the tracker unit to react to the certain events, for example:

  • Fleet speed control while processing fields, instant alerts on violations
  • Access to the crop shipment after transport or employee identification
  • Automatic data transfer to the monitoring server via Wi-Fi
  • Dispatcher and driver notifications about entry or exit from the particular geofence

Watch videos to learn agriculture GPS monitoring opportunities

Why do companies
trust Galileosky?

Synonym to reliability

Galileosky equipment is a synonym to reliability and lasting quality. Due to high-quality components provided by reliable suppliers and quality inspection on each production stage the average tracker’s lifetime – 10 years.

High quality

Less than 1% of defect rate in company history. Rely on Galileosky to avoid extra costs on maintenance, "headache" and the need to send personnel to a problem site.

Unlimited functionality

Galileosky solution is a profitable investment due to an opportunity to expand functionality without the fleet technical re-equipment via Easy Logic.


Choose necessary peripheral devices
from the list or integrate by yourself

  • Trimble parallel driving system
  • Fuel level sensors
  • RFID and iButton key readers
  • Weight sensors
  • Bulk solids level sensor
  • Volume sensors for granaries
  • CAN-bus support regardless of protocol
  • Automatic irrigation system
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Buzzer, LED
  • Speaker (8 Ohm, 250 mAh, 1-5 W)
  • Press-to-talk button for VR-1R/VX5R/VX-7R/RSM 100-Y4
  • Photo camera (QQZM, JC029F-Y01)
  • Temperature sensors

Choose industry solutions type

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