Asset monitoring over the Arctic Circle


The integrator company, that specializes on complex projects installed Galileosky units to control mining company equipment that operates in the Arctic Circle. Specialists implemented a Wi-Fi solution that works even at -55 ° C.

Project background

A client who is into ore extraction and roads construction in hard-to-reach places in the Arkhangelsk region, faced the problem of equipment monitoring out of GSM coverage. The previous telematics equipment that was installed before, did not cope with the challenge. It was necessary to create a solution that would work reliably in the harsh conditions and at the same time be more affordable than communication via Iridium.


  • Monitor fuel, eliminate waste and reduce downtime
  • Reduce car accidents on far north roads
  • Monitor the performance
  • Keep an eye on engine hours
  • Count the number of flights in the quarry


To make sure that the implemented solution will work properly at a remote site, it was decided to test the system.

To begin with, specialists installed Galileosky units on 10 vehicles. There were loaders, bulldozers, dump trucks, fuel trucks and passenger trucks. In order to organize data transmission from equipment that constantly works outside of GSM, 8 devices were configured in the "client" mode, than the fuel tanker and passenger truck – in the Hub mode. Further, a Wi-Fi stationary router with was installed at the base.

The next thing the integrator did - with the help of Easy Logic, created an algorithm that switches the unit to collect information mode when a fuel truck leaves the base, and upon returning - to unload.

Thus, when the information collect-cars arrive at the remote asset, equipment with client Hub mode, begin to transmit the accumulated data to the collectors via Wi-Fi.

It takes about five minutes to upload three thousand points. This means that there is enough time to collect all the data from other cars while refueling or while passengers are getting on. As soon as the collectors return to the base, they sent both their data and data collected from other to the Wialon Hosting monitoring software.

Test runs took place in the GSM coverage area. The client wanted to make sure that the Wi-Fi solution will work reliably when the equipment goes to the quarry or to hard-to-reach object. For this, the integrator specialists disabled all SIM-cards at the devices and reproduced conditions close to reality. The equipment worked properly and transmitted data via Wi-Fi stably, without any losses.

After the company top-management was convinced the system is reliable, the remaining machines were  equipped and sent by ferry to the area of Sabbeta airport, where temperature is sometimes -55 ° C.

Some of the client's machines also work on the Alexandra land. It is an island located in the Franz Josef archipelago, where it is 800 km to the North Pole.


Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub

GPS tracking device for data collection and transmission in areas with weak GSM signal or no coverage at all


Due to Galileosky trackers, the integrator has implemented a comprehensive solution to monitor cargo equipment performance in the far north. Thanks to Wi-Fi solution, the customer sees up-to-date information about the condition and position of the machines regularly. The principle of data transmission from Wi-Fi Hub is several times cheaper than data transmission via the Iridium.

Use similar solutions in your projects. Solving the current monitoring tasks, you create the basis for the implementation of more complex projects using the same equipment.

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