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Ore extraction Sverdlovsk Region

“Gold of Nothern Ural”, CJSC – is the regional gold and silver mining hub, the Polymetal International plc subsidiary, which is the leading precious metals producer in Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia. Company’s shares are listed on London and Moscow Stock Exchanges.

“Gold of Nothern Ural” uses up-to-date technologies of mining and processing, as well as constantly upgrades its technical infrastructure. To control and optimize the processes of ore production the company uses satellite navigation and dispatching systems. The whole fleet, including corporate cars and special vehicles, is equipped with Galileosky tracking devices.

Nevertheless, perhaps the most specific task to solve by means of GPS tracking devices was pumping equipment remote control, crucial for open pit drainage. Ore extraction is highly dependent on draining the open pit, that’s why smooth trouble-free operation of pumps, which retrieve water to the treatment facilities, is a must.

If you don’t detect the pump failure in time, the pit can be flooded, especially during the flood period. We’ve tested different tracking devices, but the only one, that could save all the necessary parameters of equipment operation even out of GSM coverage, was Galileosky tracker. To know the accurate data of water consumption is obligatory for government regulations adherence and making reports”, – explains the head of ASD group of technical and production department at “Gold of Nothern Ural” Ilya Varlamov.

Essential requirement within the project was ability to connect additional sensors to the tracker. Via RS485 Galileosky 5.1 was connected to the flow meter through Modbus protocol. Thanks to Easy Logic technology, the necessary algorithm was written.

Using Easy Logic, it’s convenient to turn on and off, as well as control the operation process of pumps remotely. Data are transmitted to our monitoring server, and in case of a drop consumption level to zero, the duty manager immediately receives a message about the problem, – adds Ilya Varlamov.


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