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Irrigation system monitoring Russia

IT-company Infobis, which maintains work accounting in agro-business, uses Galileosky tracking devices to monitor sprinkler-irrigation machines. This allows to control water consumption, identify and eliminate equipment malfunctions.

Project background

For agricultural enterprises, the problem of inaccurate accounting and misuse of water is urgent. For example, incomplete agricultural machinery can lead to improper operation. As a result, water will simply be pouring out and not irrigating fields and crops.


  • The irrigation area control
  • Сontrol of the consumed water volume based on the standard
  • Pressure control in the hydraulic system, prompt notification in case of technical problems


Basic Block Lite devices were installed during the first period of implementation, as the integrator company was looking for equipment with low current consumption. But later they realized that it made the sprinklers move very slowly. Due to this, specialists opted for Galileosky 7x C devices.

“All Galileosky tracking units are distinguished by flexible configuration, which helps to solve complex technical problems, promptly receive all information and react accordingly to specific situation,”Ivan Pondin, Head of Operations department comments on.

Note that Galileosky 7x C combines many devices to create the most complete monitoring picture. The unit has 10 inputs and 4 outputs, which allows to transfer information about operation parameters effectively.


The irrigation machine monitoring project was implemented at two agricultural enterprises. In Saratov region, the solution has been used for the second year and in Samara region it has been launched recently.

The implemented solution has already eliminated a crucial technical problem - pressure drops in the hydraulic system. The system displayed a specific geolocation of the problem, so the hydraulic engineers did not spend time on detouring the entire territory and looking for the place of failure. Broken hoses were found at the place of failure so that water did not irrigate fields and crops. Thanks to the system timely notification, it was possible to identify leak quickly and prevent losses associated with inappropriate water use and crop death.

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