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IoT Greenhouse remote control & automation Russia

A Russian agricultural manufacturer uses Galileosky GPS devices to monitor temperature and humidity inside greenhouses in real time. This solution allows instant warning in case of critical parameters that affect the growth of vegetables.

The fleet management provider in Russia Interra LLC has implemented a unique solution.

About the project

The project customer is the manufacturer of greenhouse vegetables. The main customer problem was that the staff had to measure temperature and humidity parameters inside the greenhouse by themselves. Moreover, they had to track critical changes and record data manually to analyze statistics. Long response time and manual settings can affect the vegetables.


  • Temperature and humidity monitoring inside the greenhouse;
  • Getting data history for the entire period;
  • Remote data tracking in a GSM coverage area;
  • Instant warning in case of critical parameters;
  • Creating a monitoring system with further development possibility.


The fleet management provider has created an "IoT Greenhouse 1.0" monitoring system using Wialon Hosting SaaS platform and Galileosky v 5.0 tracking devices with Easy Logic technology as a core of the system. Seven sensors, operating on different protocols, are integrated with Galileosky devices with the help of Easy Logic. Six sensors were used to monitor the microclimate in the greenhouse and one to monitor soil temperature and humidity.

Yuri Kravchik, Chief Officer at Interra:

- We chose Galileosky GPS trackers for their flexibility and opportunity to operate with different devices. We didn't have to choose system components based on compatibility, we were able to use professional sensors operating on different protocols. In addition, the flexibility of Galileosky tracking devices makes it possible to expand the system to meet the needs of the customer. 


The necessary temperature and humidity of air and ground inside are maintained automatically according to the sensors' data. Moreover, history data is available for the last 400 days.

Actual data is available online. No staff is required onsite, the dispatcher receives an instant warning in case of critical parameters and controls the sensors remotely.

In addition, the system is already prepared for further development. Interra plans to introduce remote control of sunshades and ventilation in the greenhouses, as well as rain and fog modes.

Interra has integrated the touch-screen dashboard to display data history with greenhouse stationary equipment. The visualized data in a desktop format is available online in the Sensolator application by Wialon. The staff can use tabular and graphical reports in the multifunctional report designer of Wialon Hosting platform.

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