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Heating remote control Moscow Region

“E-House” – professional integrator, specialized at transport monitoring and tachograph control – have been using Easy Logic technology since it appeared. By their own experience, they made sure, that Easy Logic algorithms have plenty of different uses.

One of the first trials of Galileosky trackers programming among “E-House” implemented projects was electric heating remote control of the company’s service center.

In the service center, where the installation of transport monitoring equipment is performed for the customers, it is necessary to maintain different temperature conditions in different zones: about 15°С in the repair area, 18°С – in the workshop, and around 21-22°С in the office area.

“The only possible way to heat the service center is electricity. We had to turn on and off the infrared heaters we use all the time,” Valery Samosyuk, CEO of “E-House”, explains. “When Easy Logic technology appeared, we created an easily managed system, which can be configured remotely. Now there is no need to control the temperature in all the areas anymore – the tracking device does it for us."

Connected to Galileosky v 5.0 temperature sensors and the set algorithm provide the stable temperature in different areas automatically. Depending on the day of the week, time of the day and taking into account the set conditions, for example, when the outside air temperature drops, the GPS tracker turns on the heaters.

heating remote control

Preset modes can be easily changed via sending SMS or commands from Wialon. Thus, it is not even necessary to be in the service center to set the necessary temperature conditions.

In addition to creating a comfortable environment, the developed solution has enabled “E-House” specialists to save on electricity consumption significantly. After the application of Easy Logic, the total operating time of the heaters reduced by more than a half and now amounts to 1/3 of the number of hours previously consumed.

“In a month after implementing the solution, we not only paid the cost of equipment back, but also was in profit in consuming electricity,” Valery Samosyuk concludes.

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