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Gold mining Sverdlovsk Region

“Gold of Nothern Ural”, CJSC – is the regional gold and silver mining hub, the Polymetal International plc subsidiary, which is the leading precious metals producer in Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia. Company’s shares are listed on London and Moscow Stock Exchanges.

“Gold of Nothern Ural” uses up-to-date technologies of mining and processing, as well as constantly upgrades its technical infrastructure. Due to implemented satellite navigation and dispatching systems, the enterprise management controls and optimizes all operations processes automatically: ore production, extraction and transportation.

Having tested GPS devices of several manufacturers, “Gold of Nothern Ural” specialists chose Galileosky trackers. Since 2013 till now corporate fleet and special vehicles are being equipped with Galileosky devices.

After equipping all corporate cars with Galileosky 5.1, the device was tested on lift trucker. The outcomes were persuasive, so later on all special vehicles, including bulldozers, tractors, motor graders were provided with GPS trackers.

While installing tracking devices into cars is quite simple and easy in use, not all devices survive in tough environments of mining equipment operation. Strong vibration, dust, dirt, rain and snow is not the entire list, sometimes it’s not even always possible to establish anything inside the driver cabin, – explains the head of ASD group of technical and production department at “Gold of Nothern Ural” Ilya Varlamov. – Galileosky devices outperform analogues in reliability and configuring usability, besides, they define the coordinates of location more precisely”.

Remote configuring is especially valuable when there is no capability to reach the carrier, where the special vehicles operate, by car. Considering the size of gold and silver deposits’ areas, remote configuration allows to save much time.

Since 2015, when the exclusive Galileosky technology called Easy Logic was released, “Gold of Nothern Ural” specialists could solve the task of drivers discipline control. The corporate policy implies that every driver must see all machine performance measurements, which are transmitted by GPS tracker to the server.

We try to avoid the human factor in all production processes, where possible. Thus, our inner management system registers machine performance measurements and automatically makes up road waybills, where the fuel level at the beginning and the end of the shift is recorded. The driver just has to verify the data”, – clarifies Ilya Varlamov.

In order to display time, speed, fuel level and other measurement on the drivers panel, the algorithm was written. As a result, the risk of fuel discharge is excluded and downtowns of machinery are determined. In addition, the number of penalties for speeding and work discipline violations decreased.

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