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Fuel level control Moldova

Agricultural tractors of one of the largest companies in Moldova for the production of flour "Macinatorul" are equipped with transport monitoring system. Due to a non-standard solution, offered by professional integrators from ViaTECservice, one can not only receive information about the location and operating conditions of tractors, but also control the fuel consumption online.

The key business principle of ViaTECservice is to provide a ready-made monitoring system that meets the objectives and requirements of the project best, while using the equipment of the world leaders.

The main peculiarity in project for the "Macinatorul" company was that the installation of traditional fuel level sensors would be ineffective, as it would make it difficult to obtain accurate data. The fact is that the fuel tanks of some used models of tractors – New Holland and Claas – are of small size and complex geometric construction.

As a solution, electronic seals for the tank manhole were connected to the GPS tracking units of Galileosky. Electronic seal is a kind of hybrid of a mechanical lock and a seal with an electronic chip that allows you to track all the openings of the fuel tank. In addition, the devices are equipped with a removable filter, which prevents other objects from getting into the tank and excludes fuel drains.

e seals

As a result, the installed equipment allowed to exclude unauthorized fuel drains and to receive data about opening the tank remotely online. In addition, MTZ tractors were equipped with fuel counters that monitor the amount of fuel burned in the engine.

Evgeny Straistar, the head of the technical team "ViaTEC service":

"We offer only the most effective and high-quality solutions for our customers. Among the GPS tracking devices Galileosky is the most accurate and reliable one. As for the electronic seals for the tank manhole, despite the fact that the devices appeared on the local market not so long ago, they have already gained popularity on the Moldovan market ".

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