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Freight management Indonesia

In Indonesia, the transportation of products for McDonald's, the largest fast-food chain, is controlled by Galileosky devices. In a country with a hot and humid climate, it is especially important to maintain the temperature regime during transportation in order to ensure the safety of the products.

Previously, in order to control the temperature during transportation, it was necessary to print the receipts from the refrigerator controller and store a lot of paperwork for each cargo. After connecting Galileosky 7.0 devices to the controllers, all necessary information is retrieved via the RS 232 interface and is available online. The data is transmitted to the Wialon platform, where, if necessary, you can also view the history.

With the help of Galileosky trackers, McDonald's can not only fully monitor the temperature during transportation, but also instantly react to any changes in the operation of the refrigerator online. The devices show the slightest deviations and temperature fluctuations. At McDonald’s, it is known for sure: refrigeration units work en route, the driver doesn’t break or shut down the equipment in order to save fuel, and cheeseburger buns remain fresh.

McDonald’s has chosen the Galileosky solution because of the reliability of the equipment and the availability of the corresponding functionality. In addition to temperature, the devices track the location of the truck. This allows to reduce the logistics costs.

Moreover, the connection of iButton readers via the 1-Wire interface has allowed to control the discipline of drivers through authorization.

Maksim Reviakin, Head of the Regional Development Department at Galileosky comments:

– This partnership once again proves that the world has become very small: you can create products in Perm, and they will be in demand all over the world. McDonald’s has chosen our devices because of their reliability and the possibilities of integration with other systems.


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