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ERSAI Kazakhstan

“ERSAI Caspian Contractor” LLC is a Kazakh joint venture of ERC Holdings (Kazakhstan) and Saipem (Italy).

The company holds the leading position in construction for the oil and gas sector of the Caspian Region. The main activities are focused on the provision of top quality services in project management, procurement, engineering, offshore and onshore construction & installation, commissioning, shipbuilding, fabrication of steel structures and high-technology modules as well as maintenance and logistics services.

In March 2014 ERSAI’s top management decided to implement actionable intelligence for fleet safety in order to provide speed limit control, safety belts and dipped headlights usage control.

KazInterSoft developers came up with an exclusive solution, that met high standard expectations and even saved money of ordering company. The project was realized with the help of innovative technology Easy Logic for independent programming, GPS/GLONASS trackers Galileosky 5.0. At the same time, the cost of offered solution was 10 times lower than foreign manufacturers systems.

Bahtiyar Tasbulatov, technical director of "KazInterSoft", illustrates the algorithm of sound notifications for drivers:

We have connected belt and car headlights sensors to the analog inputs of the tracker in order to receive the voltage data: if voltage is present, it means the lights are on and the belts are buckled. If not, the beeper reacts immediately and switches off only when the safety conditions are met. As for the speed limit control, with the help of Galileosky technical support specialists we’ve mastered geo-fence configuration. To each geo-fence the necessary value of speed limit was assigned. Exceeding the speed limit also leads to beeper activation.

Approximately 120 corporate cars of “ERSAI Caspian Contractor” LLC have been equipped. Additionally, to each tracker iButton reader was connected for identifying drivers. Therefore, control system implementation increased the staff discipline.

Easy Logic is an exclusive development at telematics market, applied only for Galileosky tracking devices.

According to the KazInterSoft, the main advantage of Easy Logic is the ability to adjust the operation of trackers to the tasks of the customers, regardless of complexity level. Algorithm of events and actions has an intuitively understandable interface and doesn’t require deep knowledge in programming.

Algorithm of events and actions is built in an intuitive graphical user interface in the form of block diagrams, so that the installer could expand the functionality.


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