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Engine blocking Moscow Region

The main difficulty of a carsharing business, which is becoming more and more popular, is to ensure the safety of vehicles and prevent them from being stolen. How to keep vehicles out of the hands of a criminal?

Despite the fact that there are lots of different anti-theft devices on the market: tech-based auto recovery tools, vehicle immobilizers and security alarm systems – they all have one significant drawback. They are designed for the car owner to be behind the wheel.

Therefore, for one of its customers, the integrator company “E-House” proposed to use Galileosky Base Block Lite tracker as a solution for preventing vehicle theft. The tracker operation was prescribed via Easy Logic algorhithms.

"We’ve made a list of undesirable actions that a criminal could attempt to commit, and programmed Galileosky trackers to block the engine automatically after the set events,” Valery Samosyuk, CEO of “E-House”, explains. “Of course, we can’t state that we have achieved 100% theft prevention, but have reduced its probability significantly.”

As a result, in case of such events as: GSM signal loss, loss of coordinates, attempts to disable or dismantle the GPS device, car battery disconnection, the tracker blocks the engine start automatically and sends a message to the owner of the vehicle fleet. After that, the only way for a driver to start a car is to get in touch.

In addition, among the events set in the algorithm were possible unauthorized movements like the hood opening, vehicle's elecrtic system interference, as well as geofence violation. If required the engine can be blocked remotely, provided that the speed is controlled.

Thanks to GPS solution the end-user’s vehicles are secured all the time wherever he is. Apart from the automatic system for theft prevention, the high-quality fleet tracking allowed to reduce car maintenance costs significantly.

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