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Successful solutions

Bus fleet Kazakhstan

"KazInterSoft" – is the official distributor of “Galileosky” in Kazakhstan. Since 2002 it provides software and web solutions in different spheres.

"KazInterSoft" was one of the first partners, who applied innovative “Galileosky” Easy Logic technology for independent programming – in the end of 2015 they created an algorithm for the suburban bus passenger flow monitoring in Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan).

Thanks to an exclusive solution implementation, the profit of the bus fleet has increased by 40%.

Technical director of "KazInterSoft" Bahtiyar Tasbulatov explains the way the algorithm was set:

-  We’ve set Galileosky 2.3 trackers into the buses and connected passenger and door opening sensors and Galileosky camera to each tracker. According to the scenario, the camera inside the bus starts taking photos as soon as the door opens and stops after it closes. As a result, there is no need to look through lots of unnecessary photos for the fleet manager. On the shots one can see the exact number of the passengers, while relying just on passenger sensor might lead to incorrect statistics as long as it can count twice one passenger or take several passengers as one.

Besides the suburban buses, the whole passenger fleet of the city was equipped with Galileosky tracking devices. GPS/GLONASS trackers help to control city bus traffic online. Automatic vehicle location system was highly appreciated not only by public transport companies, but also by passengers themselves, who can follow the bus route online on website or InfoBus Mobile App, developed by KazInterSoft specialists together with the software BusReport for dispatching control automatization.

Together with Petropavlovsk, InfoBus system is successfully functioning in 12 cities of Kazahstan. GPS data are first transferred to Wialon, and then are transmitted to BusReport software, which allows to monitor the bus route adherence, keep tab on the fleet management, including passenger flow statistics, contraventions etc. In its turn, BusReport sends the information to the website and the mobile app for citizens, as well as on indicator board near a bus stop.

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