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Galileosky 7.0 Lite is a lightweight and compact GPS / GLONASS device in a plastic body with built-in antennas and additional fasteners for easy installation. It has a competitive price that is comparable to the market average. Likewise, users of Galileosky 7 get a much richer functionality comparing to the average units from different vendors. 

Compact GPS/GLONASS device with extended capabilities

Galileosky 7.0 Lite is so compact that it fits in your palm. Despite the small size, the functionality of the device can be extended by connecting additional sensors and equipment. Thus, you can complete almost any task in the field of transport and industrial objects monitoring.
Galileosky 7.0 Lite vehicle tracking device is equipped with 6 analogue-discrete and frequency-pulse inputs and 4 transistor outputs for connecting peripherals. Thanks to the RS485 and CAN-bus protocols support, you can monitor the condition of vehicles, transported goods, and driver’s behavior.
Using the unique Easy Logic programming technology, the devices’ functionality can be extended further.

Easy and handy mounting

Thanks to the internal antennas, it is easy to make an installation in the car. It is also possible to make a hidden installation. The absence of wires from the antennas reduces the risk of sabotage to zero. The possibility that the antennas would be cut off, damaged or unscrewed is excluded.
Another option, which makes the mounting easier, is the availability of external fasteners. When placing an order you can request the equipment set with the additional fasteners.

Reliability of equipment and data integrity

Despite the fact that the body of the device is plastic, GPS/GLONASS device Galileosky 7.0 Lite has a high ingress protection level and has an approved reliability: the lifetime of the device is 10 years. The tracker is protected from any impulse voltage surges. In a case of a prolonged overvoltage, it is capable of operating under up to 200 V.
Depending on the settings, the internal battery ensures 8 hours of the device’s autonomous work. You do not have to worry about the data integrity and continuity. Even when there is no GSM coverage, all the data is saved in the internal non-volatile flash memory with a capacity of 16 MB.

Equipment set

Standard equipment set includes:

  • Connector with contacts; 
  • Set of wires;
  • SIM holder;
  • Fuse holder 

When working with the device you will also need a USB cable, a SIM card, a power supply unit, which are not included in the package. When placing an order you can request the equipment set with the additional fasteners for easy mounting.

Connectivity options for additional vehicle monitoring equipment


CAN-bus protocol support - J1939 (FMS, Scanner, User_29bit, User_11bit)

CAN-bus protocol support - J1979 (Scanner, User_29bit, User_11bit)


Eurosens Delta


Tachograph SHTRIH-ТахоRUS

Tachograph Mercury ТА-001


RFID reader Matrix 5

Digital fuel level sensors

Galileosky photo camera

Dosimeter DBG-S11D


Analog-frequency fuel level sensors

Pulse flowmeters

Passenger traffic flow sensors

Analog emergency button


Galileosky 7.0 Lite
Iridium satellite unitNo
GSM-modemGSM 850/900/1800/1900
Types of aerials (GLONASS/GPS, GSM)Internal
Data transmission channelGPRS/SMS
Cold start25
Hot start1
Coordinates determination accuracy5 m
Support of 2GYes
Support of 3GNo
Support of Wi-FiNo
Internal memory capacity (MB)16
Maximum number of points in the internal memory450000
External memory capacity (GB)-
Number of slots for SIM-cards2
Availability of an input for micro-SD cardNo
Opportunity to install a SIM-chipYes
Interface of connection with PCUSB 2.0
Digital interfacesCAN, RS485, USB

Inputs & Outputs

Number of analog inputs6
Number of transistor outputs4
Number of RS232 digital inputs-
Number of RS485 digital inputs1
Availability of 1-Wire digital inputNo
Opportunity to connect microphoneNo
Opportunity to connect speakerNo

Functions & Support devices

Opportunity to change settings via SMSYes
Maximum number of cameras/RS232-
Maximum number of cameras/RS485-
Maximum number of FLS/RS48516
Maximum number of FLS/RS232-
Number of passengers flow registration sensors8
Internal batteryYes
Voice communicationNo
Opportunity to connect КMC-25 Push-to-talk or a compatible oneNo
Availability of accelerometerYes
RS232. System of safe driving AIDRIVING С7No
1-Wire. RFID cardsNo
1-Wire. iButton keysNo
1-Wire. Thermometers, temperature and humidity sensorsNo
CAN. CAN-bus protocol - J1939 (FMS, Scaner, User_29bit, User_11bit)Yes
CAN. CAN-bus protocol - J1979 (Scaner, User_29bit, User_11bit)Yes
RS232. Digital fuel level sensorsNo
RS232, RS232. CAN-LOGNo
RS232. WinScale Dinamica Generale weight indicatorNo
RS232. Trimble guidance systemNo
RS232. Navigator GARMINNo
RS232. ThermoKing, Euroscan, Carrier DataCold refrigeratorsNo
RS232. СКД Pressure ProNo
RS232. Photocamera JC029F-Y01No
RS232. GRAINScale weight indicatorNo
RS232. Tire-pressure monitoring system Pressure Pro PulseNo
RS232. Tire-pressure monitoring system TPMSNo
RS232. Tachograph Continental VDO (DTCO 3283, DTCO 1381)Yes
RS232. Temperature recorder «HI-P21»No
RS232. DZ300 drum rotation sensorNo
RS485. Eurosens DeltaNo
RS485. Radio-frequency identification device UHF RFID ReaderYes
RS485. SENS measuring systemYes
RS485. RFID reader Matrix 5Yes
RS485. Digital fuel level sensorsYes
RS485. Monitor Dixell Prime CXNo
RS485. Non-contact level sensor ULM-31AYes
DAI. Discrete analog fuel level sensorsYes
DAI. Pulse flow meterYes
DAI. Analog emergency buttonYes
DAI. Analog passenger flow sensorsYes
Push-to-talk or loudspeakers and microphonesNo
Ability to listen the interier of a carNo
Acoustic device searchNo
Security functions (trespassing, strike, access control, outputs control)Yes
Parameters control (speed, leaving the control area, turnover)Yes
Function of notifications (message into monitoring software, SMS, phone call, photo)Yes (without photo)
Working with emergency buttonYes
Automatic disconnection caused by low charge level of vehicle batteryYes (Easy Logic)
Setting the sleeping mode on parkingYes (Easy Logic)
Scheduled contactYes (Easy Logic)
Setting data transmission mode in roamingYes (Easy Logic)
Remote configuration and troubleshooting via ConfiguratorYes
Sending monitoring data into two serversYes


Intense connectorNo
Body materialPlastic
Ingress protection ratingIP54
Weight150 g
Dimensions97*68*22 mm

Life time

Warranty period1 year
Service life10 years
Internal battery service life500 charge/discharge cycles, three years maximum
Operating temperature range-40 …+ 85 С

Power supply

Average consumed power0,48 W
Built-in batteryLi-Ion, 600 mA
Power supply voltage9-39 V
Voltage range of DAI0-33 V
Maximum measured frequency of DAI4 kHz
Maximum voltage supply for the terminal output30 V
Maximum current supply for the terminal output80 mA

User manual

Galileosky 7.0 Lite 31.05.2017 Download


Declaration of Conformity 28.08.2018 Download
Set of wires 7.0

Connector 43025-2400 (20 pin)
Contact 43030-0001
1 wire of 1,5 meters (Wires are clamped on one side)
2 wires of 1 meter (Wires are clamped)

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