+7 (342) 2-700-799
Mon -Fr 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM (GMT+3)


Iridium satellite unitNo
GSM-modemGSM 900/1800
Types of aerials (GLONASS/GPS, GSM)Внешние
Data transmission channelGPRS/SMS
Cold start25
Hot start1
Coordinates determination accuracy5
Support of 2GYes
Support of 3GNo
Support of Wi-Fi
Internal memory capacity (MB)2/16
Maximum number of points in the internal memory58000/450000
External memory capacity (GB)32
Number of slots for SIM-cards1
Availability of an input for micro-SD cardYes
Opportunity to install a SIM-chipNo
Interface of connection with PCUSB 2.0
Digital interfaces1-Wire, CAN, USB 2.0, 2 порта RS-232

Inputs & Outputs

Number of analog inputs4
Number of transistor outputs3
Number of RS232 digital inputs2
Number of RS485 digital inputs-
Availability of 1-Wire digital inputYes
Opportunity to connect microphoneYes
Opportunity to connect speakerYes

Functions & Support devices

Opportunity to change settings via SMSYes
Maximum number of cameras/RS2322
Maximum number of cameras/RS485-
Maximum number of FLS/RS485-
Maximum number of FLS/RS2322
Number of passengers flow registration sensors8
Internal batteryYes
Voice communicationYes
Opportunity to connect КMC-25 Push-to-talk or a compatible oneNo
Availability of accelerometerYes
RS232. System of safe driving AIDRIVING С7
1-Wire. RFID cards
1-Wire. iButton keys
1-Wire. Thermometers, temperature and humidity sensors
CAN. CAN-bus protocol - J1939 (FMS, Scaner, User_29bit, User_11bit)
CAN. CAN-bus protocol - J1979 (Scaner, User_29bit, User_11bit)
RS232. Digital fuel level sensors
RS232, RS232. CAN-LOG
RS232. WinScale Dinamica Generale weight indicator
RS232. Trimble guidance system
RS232. Navigator GARMIN
RS232. ThermoKing, Euroscan, Carrier DataCold refrigerators
RS232. СКД Pressure Pro
RS232. Photocamera JC029F-Y01
RS232. GRAINScale weight indicator
RS232. Tire-pressure monitoring system Pressure Pro Pulse
RS232. Tire-pressure monitoring system TPMS
RS232. Tachograph Continental VDO (DTCO 3283, DTCO 1381)
RS232. Temperature recorder «HI-P21»
RS232. DZ300 drum rotation sensor
RS485. Eurosens Delta
RS485. Radio-frequency identification device UHF RFID Reader
RS485. SENS measuring system
RS485. RFID reader Matrix 5
RS485. Digital fuel level sensors
RS485. Monitor Dixell Prime CX
RS485. Non-contact level sensor ULM-31A
DAI. Discrete analog fuel level sensors
DAI. Pulse flow meter
DAI. Analog emergency button
DAI. Analog passenger flow sensors
Push-to-talk or loudspeakers and microphones
Ability to listen the interier of a car
Acoustic device search
Security functions (trespassing, strike, access control, outputs control)
Parameters control (speed, leaving the control area, turnover)
Function of notifications (message into monitoring software, SMS, phone call, photo)
Working with emergency button
Automatic disconnection caused by low charge level of vehicle battery
Setting the sleeping mode on parking
Scheduled contact
Setting data transmission mode in roaming
Remote configuration and troubleshooting via Configurator
Sending monitoring data into two servers


Intense connectorYes
Body materialМеталл, пластик
Ingress protection rating-
Weight300 г
Dimensions103*65*28 мм

Life time

Warranty period2 года
Service life10 лет
Internal battery service life500 циклов заряда/разряда, но не более 2 лет
Operating temperature range-40 …+ 85 С

Power supply

Average consumed power1,5 Вт
Built-in batteryLi-Ion, 600 мА
Power supply voltage10-50 В
Voltage range of DAI0-33 В
Maximum measured frequency of DAI4 кГц
Maximum voltage supply for the terminal output30В
Maximum current supply for the terminal output80мА

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