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Traccar is an open source modern GPS tracking software.

Minimum requirement for a server

1GB of RAM

Recommended requirement for a client

Any modern hardware

General characters

Server on integrators platform (Cloud service, hosting)Yes

Server on users platformYes

Operation via browserYes

Operation via clientYes

Operation from mobile devicesYes

Tech characters

Maximum number of monitoring objectsnot limited

Access permissionYes


Opportunity to set a firewalln/a

Operation with mobile monitoring objectsYes

Operation with static monitoring objectsYes

Real-time monitoringYes

Objects control (sending commands, automatic completion of tasks)Yes

Building tracks by movement routeYes

Control of movement along assigned routesYes

Control of monitoring objects in assigned geofencesYes

Identification of driversYes

Identification of trailersNo

Automatic notifications by assigned rulesYes

Constructor of reports by different parametersYes

Built-in billing for service deliveryNo

Opportunity of receiving-sending information between serversYes

Personalising the interface to the requirements of usersYes

Support of different kinds of cardsYes

Keeping register of users actionsYes

Integration with 1CNo

Display of track in the photoNo

Software features when working with terminals Galileosky

Period of monitoring data storagen/a

Receiving monitoring messages in Galileosky protocol with dynamic archive structure usen/a

Sending commands to Galileosky terminalsn/a

Receiving monitoring messages in Galileosky protocol +Iridiumn/a

Receiving photos in Galileosky protocoln/a

Receiving messages in EGTS protocoln/a

Receiving and sending messages from Garmin navigatorsn/a

Reports by all parameters of Galileosky protocol messagesn/a