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User Guides

User guides

Galileosky GLONASS/GPS 3G v5.1
Galileosky GLONASS/GPS v5.0
Galileosky GLONASS/GPS v4.0
Galileosky GLONASS/GPS v2.3/v2.4/v2.5
Galileosky GLONASS/GPS v2.3 Lite/v2.4 Lite/v2.5 Lite
Galileosky Base Block
Galileosky Boxfinder
Galileosky GLONASS/GPS v7

Instructions on connecting and configuring

General information

First connection of Galileosky 5.0, 5.1 tracking devices
Galileosky protocol
Installation and connection of Galileosky terminals
Connection of Galileosky v.4 terminals
Setting of track by means of the tracking device
Setting of data transmission with compression
Connection and setting of Galileosky Base Block LITE
Galileosky Boxfinder. Features of device, settings, installation
Connection of executive units to the outputs of the tracking device. Control relay
Connection of Galileosky Base Block Hard Wi-Fi

Discrete-analog inputs

DAI. Connecting frequency FLS
DAI. Discrete analog sensors connection
DAI. Connection of passenger flow sensor
DAI. Connection of pulse flow meter
DAI. Connection of thermal resistors
DAI. Connection of ignition sensor

Digital inputs (1-Wire)

1-Wire. Connection and operation with iButton keys and RFID-cards
1-Wire. Connection and operation of temperature and humidity sensors

Digital inputs (RS232/RS485)

RS232/RS485. Connection of Galileosky photo camera
RS232/RS485. Connection and operation of digital fuel level sensors
RS232. Connection of CI-5010A weight indicator
RS232/RS485. CAN-LOG connection and operation
RS232. Connection and operation of CUB5 indicator
RS232. Connection of Garmin navigator
RS232. Connecting refrigerators equipment
RS232. PressurePro connection
RS485. Connection and operation of Matrix5 reader
RS485. Integration with SENS Measuring System. Connection and Set-up
RS485. Integration with Tachograph Shtrih-TahoRUS. Connection and set-up
RS232. Connection of Trimble EZ-Guide 250.CFX-750 parallel driving system
RS485. Integration with radio-frequency identification devices UHF RFID Reader
RS485. Integration with Eurosens Delta
RS232. Integration with weight indicator GRAINscale
RS232. CAN. Integration with tachograph Continental VDO DTCO
RS232. Integration with tachograph Atol Drive 5 and Atol Drive Smart. Connection and setting
RS485. Integration with tachograph Mercury TA-001
RS485. Connection of dosimeter DBG-S11D
RS232. PressurePro Pulse connection
RS232. Integration with weight indicator MIDL MI VDA 12YA. Connection and setting
RS232. Connection of TPMS 6-13
RS485. Connection and operation with Dixell Prime CX monitor and Dixell XJ485CX adaptor
RS232. Integration with “HI-P21” temperature recorder. Connection and setting
RS232. Integration with Digi-Star 400 and GT460 weight indicator. Connection and setting
RS232. Connection of Drum Rotation Sensor DZ300
RS485. Connection of ULM-31А Non-Contact Level Sensor
RS485. Information Boards ITLINE and ISCRA
Algorithm of Searching Failure of Wrong Information Transmission from Devices connected via RS232 Interface
Algorithm of Searching Failure of Wrong Information Transmission from Devices connected via RS485 Interface
RS232. Connection and setting of photocamera JC029F-Y01
RS232. Integration with iQFreeze. Connection and setting
RS232. Integration with System of Safe Driving AIDRIVING. Connection and Setting.
RS485. Integration with Passenger Counting Sensor PP-01
RS232,RS485. Integration with Camera ZM-CAM30


CAN-bus. Connection to the CAN-bus
CAN-bus. Receiving data on fuel level from the CAN-bus
CAN-bus. Connection to CAN-bus of Mercedes vehicles
CAN-bus. Scanning of diagnostic trouble codes via OBD-II connector

Audio features

Audio. Autoinformer function setting
Audio. Connection of a push-to-talk


Accelerometer. Determination of strike and incline
Accelerometer. Filtering of coordinates crowding
Accelerometer. Applicability

Signaling functions

Signaling. Signaling setting to operate with iButton keys or RFID-cards
Signaling. Speeding and (or) exceeding set radius
Signaling. Connection of Emergency button

Service functions

Service. Special functions of Galileosky terminal uploading data from the terminal and sending to the server
Service. Galileosky terminal's firmware updating
Service. Special functions of Galileosky terminal GPRS-traffic cost optimization, operation in roaming, STELS mode, power saving
Service. Remote configuration of terminals
Service. Determination of the Driving Style
Set-up and Application of Geofences
Service. Android-application for setting and displaying current data
Service. Remote configuring via SMS
Service. Setting of energy saving on GalileoSky terminal
Service. Firmware updating. 7 volts
Service. Using Filters for Converting Data
Service. Remote Synchronization of Files in Galileosky Tracking Device SD-card

Configuring monitoring software

Compliance of monitoring software variables with Galileosky protocol

Certificates for Galileosky v 5.0

CE certificate

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