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06 March 2017

The power of Galileosky Base Block as a “black box” is enhanced

One of the most significant new features for the Galileosky tracking device called Base Block occurs to be archive uploading from SD card with every second detalization, regardless of the configured frequency points recording. The new function allows the tracker to operate as a “black box” more effectively.

In a theory, each second download of information could have been configured earlier in “Configurator”, but all data would have been downloaded to the server, leading to costs increase, – explains the point of the upgrade Petr Krasnoshchekov, the head of Galileosky IT department. – Now, even if the points are written every 30 seconds in case of emergency other points can be uploaded  by request”.

Depending on what sensors are connected to GPS/GLONASS trackers, all measurements, received normally, are collected into “black box” archive: an accurate picture of vehicle movement and activity, voltage, pressure, temperature etc.

High detalization might be necessary not only for car accidents investigation, but for industrial as well. Thus, the “black box” data can simplify and speed up the technical investigation process greatly.