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01 February 2017

Open-door policy and other Galileosky outcomes of 2016

Launching of new tracking devices Base Block and Boxfinder, revolutionary Easy Logic technology release, new markets development, rebranding – what changes boosted Galileosky during 2016? What drives the company’s success? The CEO of Galileosky Aleksei Konyaev reveals the most significant results of the last year and shares some plans for the future.

- 2016 brought even more difficulties to most of Russian companies in comparison with the previous year, Galileosky, vice versa, manages to show growth. Due to what things is the company developing despite the economic crisis, and what is the most important achievement that you can mark?

- Confirming quality management system ISO 9001-2015 was very significant to us. We occurred to be among first seven Russian companies that had been audited according to its last edition, and became the only one in our sphere. Within the renewed edition of quality management system a company needs to asset the risks and opportunities in order to manage them for more effective adaptation in the external environment.

However, no company is able to succeed in integration with the outside world without inner transformations, that’s why, we paid much attention to them. Meanwhile, the economic crisis in Russia namely became a strong impulse for changes.

- How did the changes influence interaction with partners and the foreign policy of Galileosky? What remarkable events of 2016 can you name?

- In 2016, we claimed open-door policy: conducting free webinars on a regular basis, taking part in world’s major industry events, such as CeBIT exhibition in Hannover, GITEX in Dubai, Iridium conference in Santa-Barbara, have become a new experience for us.

Several valuable agreements were made with the world leading accessory equipment producers. We started new markets development; Saudi Arabia, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Brasil and Sri Lanka are among them. Expanding into the new markets demanded French-speaking expert to be hired.

Moreover, we’ve done rebranding and released a new website. We reflected in new logo the concept of uniting professionals in telematics, building a closer relationship with partners became a big step forward for us. We started receiving more feedback and discussing not only the good that had been done, but also the problems our partners had faced. Companies, in turn, also became more open (which is rare in our market) – we started to understand their needs and requirements, which resulted in plans for development, and improved technical support work. To provide service of higher quality level working time of our technical support was increased.

- What were the most demanding developments of Galileosky devices, that you managed to realize thanks to your partners’ needs?

- We really got many different requests, far from being an isolated case. It is due to the fact that we listen to the needs of the partners, 1 Wire for Base Block was introduced, the opportunity to choose FAKRA or SMA connector appeared for the version 5.0.

Furthermore, the long-awaited improvements were implemented for the additional equipment: integration with UHF RFID Reader, tachographs VDO Continental, Atol Drive 5, Atol Drive Smart, Mercury ТА-001, a tire-pressure monitoring system, weight and other indicators.

Easy Logic technology for independent programming is worth admiring, it was available for testing to a limited number of integrators in the second half of 2015, and in 2016 became mass.

Now, we are receiving a greater response from our partners on Easy Logic, so we intend to continue developing it.

- What are the main directions of your company development for 2017?

- The process of improvement must be ongoing, so it will continue in the next year. Our partners trust us and rightly consider our equipment as one of the most reliable. In 2017, we are planning to increase the level of trust and strengthen the leading position among the manufacturers of tracking devices. Continuing the theme of integration with the outside world, we will focus on the elaboration of interaction with suppliers and contractors.

In response to numerous questions from customers, we can announce - we will introduce new trackers next year, which we hope to anticipate the expectations. Easy Logic development will necessarily continue. In 2017, more efficient and cost-effective solutions in the field of transport monitoring will also be offered.

As the senior management of Toyota repeats from year to year in the debriefing, «there is no reason for complacency," so, in order to be even more effective in the next year, you need to work hard to find problems and eliminating them permanently.