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12 December 2016

Holiday at Galileosky’s expense for the winner

This month we have summed up the results of an in-company contest of 5S system implementation, a workplace organization method developed in Japan.

5S system is aimed at maintaining efficient working process, arranging cleaning on daily basis, providing neatness of a workplace, so that all this could save time and energy. 5S is a tool of lean manufacturing, Japanese work organization Kaizen.    

The CEO of our company started the contest in August, 2016. In the meantime, the major goal was not only to clean the necessary and throw away the unnecessary, but also, to arrange a storage system so comfortable, that keeping the order could be applied to everyday life. A serious preparatory work preceded the contest – all employees studied main principles of the system. 5S was implemented into the working process of our office and manufactory.

Mikhail Kuznetsov, a programmer engineer, has become the winner of the contest and received a certificate that allows to have a holiday in any place at the company’s expense:

- Surprisingly, I didn’t aim to win, but wanted to optimize working processes, as it saves time on completion of tasks and helps not only at work, but in life, on the whole.

The second place went to Dmitriy Tsenyov for cleaning up the storage, and Ekaterina Minina took the third place for dozens of ideas and improvement in accounts department. They got smartphones as prizes.

All GalileoSky staff are satisfied with the results, as 5S system has made work more efficient than ever. Continuous improvement is what the company always strives for!