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02 April 2017

Galileosky Configurator: March updates

Most changes of the service program “Configurator” for the last month have been related to firmware upgrades of such devices as Galileosky v 5.1, v 5.0, v 4.0, v 2.5 and v 2.5 lite. In new version 4.12.31 were made the following corrections:

  • 229.15 stable firmware and 231.6 beta firmware are added, where coordinates filtering error is fixed.
  • In 231.7 beta firmware error in roaming handling with SIM800 and machine hours request from EuroScan are fixed.

Besides, some new opportunities for Easy Logic technology application appeared in “Configurator”, Wi-Fi control funсtions are added, in particular.

Download the latest version of Configurator 4.12.31 here. Firmware upgrade via USB and remote upgrade are possible. Follow Configurator updates to install them and use the opportunities of devices to the maximum.