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15 February 2017

Galileosky Configurator: January updates

The latest version of Configurator 4.12.27 includes firmware upgrades, thanks to which some new opportunities for fine setting and diagnostics of Galileosky Base Block trackers appeared:

  • Archive storage on SD card.
  • Archive uploading from SD card with every second detalization.
  • A capability to control WiFi module from Easy Logic.
  • Archive uploading from internal memory in chronological order.
  • Wiegand26 support.

The following firmware upgrades have been made for the last month:

  • 14 beta firmware for Galileosky Base Block is added.
  • 231.5 beta firmware for Galileosky v 5.1, v 5.0, v 4.0, v 2.5, v 2.5 lite is added.
  • 229.14 stable firmware is added.
  • 230.14 beta firmware is added.

The following errors have been fixed in these firmware versions: OBD error codes handling, error in algorithms handling, remote connection to Galileosky devices, and spontaneous resets of trackers with WiFi module.

Firmware upgrade via USB as well as remote upgrade are possible. Download the latest version of Configurator here. Follow Configurator updates to install them and use the opportunities of devices to the maximum.