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30 January 2020

The gold mining industry uses Galileosky solutions

The Russian gold mining company Nergeoprom, LLC uses Galileosky tracking devices to control fuel consumption, vehicles and equipment operation when searching for gold fields.

Nergeoprom, LLC mines gold in different fields all over Russia. The company equipped 50 vehicles and special machinery with Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi and Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub devices. This solution is successfully operating outside the GSM coverage areas.

Devices collect data from vehicles and send them to the server via a Wi-Fi module. In places, without GSM coverage Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub collects data from other trackers, saves it into internal memory and transmits to the server after returning to the base. The frequency of data uploading is determined separately for each project. It depends on the number of equipment units, area, season, etc.

Maksim Revyakin, Head of Regional Development Department, Galileosky:

– Operating conditions of the mining machinery is the real challenge to cope with in gold mining monitoring. Bad weather and poor GSM coverage are the main obstacles for optimization. In addition, mining machines operate in remote areas, distant from each other, and monitoring gives the company the opportunity to keep an eye on the entire fleet.