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19 July 2019

Russian technology helps McDonald's to control the temperature

The Indonesian "McDonald's" starts using Galileosky products. With the help of Russian innovations, transport efficiency is significantly increased.

With the help of Galileosky devices, McDonald's is able to fully monitor the temperature regime of products transportation and instantly react to any violations. For example, if the driver turns off the refrigerator in order to save fuel. In addition, the devices also track the location of the car. This feature allows to reduce logistics costs and avoid traffic jams.

Moreover, Galileosky trackers identify drivers by using the iButton technology. With that, McDonald’s is able to track the location of its employees.

Maksim Reviakin, Head of the Regional Development Department at Galileosky comments:

–  This partnership once again proves that the world has become very small: you can create products in Perm, and they will be in demand all over the world. McDonald’s has chosen our devices because of their reliability and the possibilities of integration with other systems.