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08 July 2020

Now you can transfer data in a Hub-to-hub mode

Galileosky developers made it possible to transfer data from Base Block Wi-Fi Hub to another Hub device. Hub-to-hub solution will be especially relevant for companies whose monitoring objects are located outside the GSM coverage. For example, in the oil and gas industry, gold mining, logging, exploration, and other spheres.

Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub device can transfer collected data from other GPS devices not only to the monitoring server but also to another Hub. Moreover, such a data transmission chain is unlimited. It allows to create an extensive network of data collection and transmission.

For example, when equipment operates in a remote area, where there is no GSM network, you can configure data collection and transmission chain from all devices to one or more Base Block Wi-Fi Hubs. After that transfer data through the chain and to a Wi-Fi router, which is permanently installed on the base. Thus, it is possible to update data regularly in the monitoring system and respond quickly to emergencies or violations.

Hub-to-hub mode and many other useful features are available in the new version of the Configurator program 20.4.1. To start using the functionality, update the firmware of the Base Block Wi-Fi Hub unit to version 23.4 locally via USB or remotely via SMS, or send the command from the monitoring software.